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VFIRE Pod - 1.0mL (100pcs)

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  • This item: VFIRE Pod - 1.0mL (100pcs) $250.00
  • 1 x VFIRE PRO Battery 350mAh - Anodized Rechargeable Overtime Protection   + $29.95
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VFIRE Pod - 1.0mL (100pcs)

  • Compatible for Vfire & Vfire Pro Batteries
  • Revolutionary anti-leaking design
  • Magnetic Battery/Pod Connection
  • Overtime inhalation protection
  • Medical Grade PCTG Tank
  • iKonic Ceramic Coil
Pod, Pods
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VFIRE pods are PCTG and square in shape (1.0mL) with a black plastic mouthpiece and feature 2 x 1.8mm intake holes to an iKONIC ceramic rod atomizer (1.3Ω). This is iKrusher’s most versatile, and popular product in 2020. Customizations for both batteries and pods available on OEM/ODM orders.

Type Pod System
Dimension Pod: 42.5mm*16.5mm*8.5mm
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Pod Capacity 0.5ml/1.0ml
Output Voltage 3.2V
Connection Magnetic
Activation Button Activated
Battery Casing Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Pod Material Medical Grade PCTG
Coil Material iKonic Ceramic Coil
Resistance 1.3Ω
Intake Hole 2*1.8mm
Center Post Lead-Free Copper
Charging Port Micro USB
More Information
360 Degree Thumbnail /v/f/vfire-pod-5_1_2.png
3D Thumbnail /v/f/vfire-pod-5_1_2.png
Package Pod, Pods
Compatability CBD, Distillates, Concentrates
Tank Capacity 1.0 mL
  • Use a blunt nose syringe to pull your oil into the syringe. 
  • Place the blunt nose syringe tip to the bottom of the pod in either the right or left filling openings. 
  • Inject your oil slowly until the pod until it is full. 
  • We recommend leaving a very small amount of space. If your oil is pre-measured in either 0.5mL (Half-Gram) or 1.0mL (Full-Gram), please disregard this note 
  • After the oil is filled, push the mouthpiece down until it has snapped into place. 
  • iKrusher’s proprietary pod systems are engineered to provide the lowest leak/failure in the industry. 

If your company is mass-producing oils and need specific filling instructions for a commercial filling machine, please contact your equipment manufacturer.  

Customer Questions
How do I store my product?
We recommend removing the pod and cartridge from the battery when it’s not being used. Place the pod, cartridge, or disposable device in a dry and cool environment. Please do not store your product or recharge it in a vehicle during high temperature ...
How do I fill my cartridges or pods?
To fill, use a 12 or 14 gauge blunt nose needle to syringe your oil or concentrate. Place the end of the needle as instructed per the filling instructions. Be sure to avoid the middle chimney, as getting oil in the middle can cause damage to the coil...
Can I use e-liquid?
To put the answer simply - we do not advise using nicotine e-liquid in our devices. The viscosity of the e-liquid can cause leaky carts and pods which could lead to internal damage to the device/battery.
Do you sell pre-filled pods and cartridges?
iKrusher is strictly a vape hardware manufacturer. With that being said, our pods and cartridges are not prefilled with oil. Clients who buy our products are responsible for filling the pods and cartridges themselves. Please refer to our filling instructions...
What are the heat settings to your products?
In general, it’s the heating element inside of the ceramic coil heating up during the vaping process, and the temperature range of the heat normally reaches to 180 C- 250 C/356 F – 482 F. With that said, the temperature still varies from different oils...
What type of pod is compatible with the ASTRO?
ASTRO devices are exclusively compatible with ASTRO pods.
What type of pod is compatible with the VFIRE Battery?
VFIRE devices are exclusively compatible with VFIRE pods.
Do vape batteries come fully charged?
All devices (disposables, vaporizers, 510 batteries, and pod systems) are shipped to our warehouse fully charged. Due to the uncertainty of storage times after the devices arrive at our warehouses - we recommend to fully charge your rechargeable device...
How do I change my voltage of the Astro Battery and Astro Stik battery?
The voltage on your Astro Mod and/or Astro Stik Battery can be adjusted by rapidly tapping the activation button (3) times to alternate heat settings. There are three (3) settings which are identified by a color illumination. Please use the following...
How much does it cost to customize batteries for my brand? (ODM)
The cost of customizing an iKrusher device varies on the specific battery you are interested in; the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) varies from each device. In addtion to the MOQ, the price varies case by case depending on the complexity and demand of ...
What types of oils are compatible with iKrusher devices?
Disposable vape devices are built to be compatible with a mid-range viscosity concentration. We recommend not cutting your distillate by more than 40%. Pod Systems are built to be compatible with a variety of oils ranging from a mid-range viscosity ...
How many times can I refill my pods?
This device is a disposable vape and is intended for a one-time use. We do not reccommend alternative methods to refilling a used pod - as this may compromise the integrity of your oils. Once capped, the disposable pod is not meant to be re-opened. Once...
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