Designed and engineered in California

Trusted global leader in custom vaporizer technology

Designed and engineered in California

Trusted Global Leader in Custom Vaporizer Technology

Pod Systems

iKrusher’s core technology promotes eco-friendliness, superior performance, boosting the taste pallet of your product. Our coils even heat distribution ensures that each pull will be optimal.

“Powerful, Draw & Button Activated Pod Systems.”

  • Perfect for days when you want the extra swag in between your fingers
  • The best part is our pod systems are available for custom branding.
  • Pod system batteries that extend up to 650mAh of continuous air – injecting vape power.
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Our disposables include longer battery life and unique flow systems, so it feels like a disposable you want to keep. Our disposable vape devices excel in higher taste consistency.

“Reliable, Sleek Vape Pens… the Best Disposables”

  • Modern designs, with full-gram or half gram options.
  • Check out the fully-rechargeable disposable vaporizers.
  • Customize it for your brand’s aesthetic when you bulk order.
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510 Cartridges

iKrusher 510 cartridges are legendary, due to our sleek designs and the fact we innovated ceramic coils. Our iKonic coil technology is in its 6th Generation and we continue to rival the best cart manufacturers.

“The Smoothest Heat-Distribution of any Coil on the Market.”

  • The best continuous-saturation coil available on the market today.
  • Achieve extra sessions and perfect draws.
  • Next-gen iKrusher tanks include capping methods for twist, or press.
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Pod and 510 Batteries

The entire vape experience is dependent on quality batteries, our pod and 510 batteries are built to last. We ensure a longer lifespan of your vape pen, by designing and manufacturing batteries you trust.

“Built for Oils of All Viscosity levels”

  • Whether it’s CBD oil, herbal extract, or premium Clearwater, our pod and 510 batteries are built for an even and consistent burn.
  • The most reliable batteries on the market – time and time again.
  • A classic look with (3) voltage settings to modify for a variety of oils viscosity.
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It’s simple, just choose the best in the United States. iKrusher leads the way with its innovative, lab-tested, custom vape pens, and technology. We are based on authenticity, transparency, and that builds the trust of our partners and clients.

Why iKrusher? – We’re Always on the Cutting Edge of Custom Vaporizer Innovation and Technology

Unrivaled Supply Chain and Manufacturing

iKrusher is the largest custom (OEM and ODM) vaporizer manufacturer in the United States. With offices and support spanning across every major U.S. territory, paired with international manufacturing facilities our team supports over 1,500+ brands and manufactures millions of units each year. We currently supply a major portion of the industry with high quality, custom hardware solutions.

We Are Built on Innovation, Authenticity, and Transparency

By setting excellence as the standard, we continue to develop consistent, integrity-driven vaporizer technology. Powered by our iKonic ceramic technology, iKrusher provides clients with consistency, performance-driven hardware, and technology for a multi-viscosity experience.

Custom Design and Engineering

Our team of experienced in-house designers, and R&D team are available to ensure your oils are complemented by advanced hardware solutions. Everything we build is built to the needs of your brand.

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