Reliable, sleek vape pen built for oils of every thickness.
Whether it's CBD oil, herbal extract or premium clearwater, Xen has you covered. With continuous flow across the entirety of the coil's surface area at nanoscale, you'll achieve maximum efficiency — elevating you to a XEN state. Time and time again, the XEN pen is the most reliable pod system on the market, and the 2020 XEN is no exception.

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A Better Disposable Vape Pen
Ensure your device lasts as long as the product you put into it with our modern, full-gram fully-rechargeable disposable vaporizor. We have designers ready to work with you to Customize it for your brand's aesthetic if you order in bulk with our OEM wholesale team.

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Powerful, draw-activated pod system.
For days you need the extra swag in a classic blunt-style pen, we offer the CIGAR — packed with 650mAh of continuous air-injecting vape power that lasts days.

We'll also Custom Brand It.

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Extra Modern Lightweight Pod System offering Milky Smooth Puffs for low to medium viscosity oils. We create vape pens that fit your product's flavor and characteristics as well as the lifestyle, and the LUX is truly a unique example.

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510 Cartridges PRO SERIES

"The smoothest heat-distribution of any coil on the market."
The best continuous-saturation coil available on the market today. Maximize your oil potency and longevity. Achieve extra sessions and perfect draws from these top-shelf 510 cartridges again and again. Next-gen iKrusher tanks include a revolutionary, precision filling and capping method.

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