The iKrusher kode (i-Kode) sets a new standard, encapsulating the very essence of our brand. It’s our commitment and pursuit of excellence and pioneering advancements in the vaping products domain. When a product features the i-Kode, be assured of the following:

Genuine iKrusher Authenticity

With I-Kode, customers are required to input an authenticity code, usually found on the product's packaging or label, into a designated platform or website. This simple yet effective process allows customers to verify the authenticity of their purchase in real-time, granting them peace of mind and confidence in the legitimacy of the product. By ensuring that the authenticity code matches the manufacturer's database, I-Kode safeguards consumers from counterfeit products and assures them of a genuine purchase. In an era where counterfeit goods are prevalent, I-Kode meets the essential customer demand for trust and authenticity, fostering a stronger bond between consumers and brands.


We have identified multiple online platforms engaged in the sale of fraudulent iKrusher items, misleading customers into believing they are authentic. If you have previously made purchases from these platforms, we urge you to refrain from future transactions and notify your bank to initiate chargebacks.


Running into counterfeit vaporizer hardware can be a frustrating and concerning experience. Counterfeit products not only pose a risk to your safety but also impact the vaping industry as a whole. These fake devices often lack proper quality control, using substandard materials and potentially dangerous components. Additionally, counterfeit vaporizers may not deliver the expected performance or functionality, leading to a disappointing vaping experience. It is crucial to be vigilant and purchase vaporizer hardware from reputable sources to ensure authenticity, product safety, and optimal vaping enjoyment. At iKrusher, we strive to produce high quality and reliable vaporizer hardware. If you feel that you have encountered a black market or fraudulent vaporizer and have speculation or concerns, please contact us at: