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iKrusher Vape Different

What Makes iKrusher "Different"?

  • Designed and engineered all our products in California.
  • Dual R&D base in China and US to conduct in-depth research and innovation on atomization technology.
  • Local lab testing assures the best taste for your oils and concentrates.
  • Multiple fulfillment distribution locations and professionals to meet your business needs.
  • Product reliability insurance with a value of 2 million dollars.

Company Introduction

iKrusher has become the intelligent hardware leader in the vape industry. Since the establishment in 2017, iKrusher has always insisted on providing one-stop vape solutions for brands and distributors, developing many innovative technologies, and owning a group of technical patents, launching several revolutionary products, and keep leading the product market trend. It has set up dual R&D centers and manufacturer bases in China and the United States. Furthermore, it has a distribution network all over the United States.

Brand Story

Celebrating its 6th anniversary in 2022, our success has been proven over the course of the last few years by being the main supplier for many dominant brands. iKrusher is associated with over 1500 brands that are popular among its customers and is currently serving millions of users. So far, iKrusher has established multiple fulfillment distribution centers located in major cities in the U.S., along with an online wholesale platform, iKrusher provides customers with online and offline experiences and services. In the next decade, iKrusher distribution facilities will be populated across the United States.



iKrusher continues to provide our clients in delivering newer and more advanced vape experiences to end users.






  1. 2017

    • iKrusher Inc. was established in the United States and quickly began operations.
    • Released Pure Ceramic Rod heating technology, which unraveled a new trend in vape industry, it was applied on AC1003 cartridge and sold up to 30,000,000 pcs.
  2. 2018

    • Proceeded to lead the industry with its portable pod system, the VFire, which won “The Best POD System Product of the Year” And was taking the nation by storm.
    • iKrusher also established two fulfillment distribution facilities in Denver and Michigan.
  3. 2019

    • iKrusher's new revolutionary smart-vaporizer product line released a collection of smart vaporizers: Alpha, Akimbo, and Quest. All these products give vaping a whole new experience level.
    • iKrusher has established a world-class R&D center in US to conduct in-depth research and innovation on atomization technology. From internal mechanics to the overall look of the device, iKrusher does it all.
  4. 2020

    • Launched a variety of rechargeable disposables: XENBAR, TIK PRO, NORD, and UZO, reaching many milestones with each new product.
    • Established the second manufacture base in Dongguan, China, occupying a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility with over 2,000 employees to enhance our production capabilities.
    • Launched Higher Standards with GMP13485 Certified, ISO9001 & ISO14001.
  5. 2021

    • Released OMNI technical brand with the latest intelligent temperature control technology, guarantees 100% taste consistency with every puff. Taste and measurement control and authentic anti-counterfeiting are basic features of OMNI controller.
    • Launched iKrusher's exclusive patented heating coil, iKonic Quartz Heater, a look into the new generation of quartz heating. Showcasing one-piece sintering, enhancement in flavors, anti-clogging, no burning taste - 100% convection heating.
    • Established the third fulfillment distribution facility in Arizona to enhance our delivery capabilities.
  • Technology

    • iKonic Ceramic Quartz Heating Unit
    • OMNI Control System
  • iKrusher Team

    iKrusher Team

    Housed in our state of the art manufacturing facility with the latest technology and hardware, our dual R&D team in US and China work around the clock to stay ahead of industry standards.
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