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iKrusher is a trusted global leader in custom vaporizer innovation and technology. iKrusher is US-based, lab-tested, we provide custom vaporizer solutions to a variety of companies that currently supply a majority of the industry. Their success proves that our products are of high quality, custom hardware solutions.

iKrusher’s foundational constitution encompasses innovation, authenticity, and transparency. By setting excellence as the standard, we continue to develop consistently, performance focused, and integrity-driven vaporizers. Powered by our iKonic ceramic technology, iKrusher provides clients with consistency in quality, custom design, and products that are built for a multi-viscosity experience.

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What makes iKrusher “different”?

Our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA is where we design and engineer all of our products.

  • R&D team based in Los Angeles which includes professional designers and engineers.
  • We use a testing lab with chief experience officers based in Los Angeles, to ensure the best taste for your oils and concentrates. This also empowers our customers with the best possible performance for our devices.
  • Multiple fulfillment locations and professionals to meet your business needs.
  • Product reliability insurance with a value of 2 million dollars.

Unrivaled Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Supply Chain and Logistics

With unmatched manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and mass-production services, iKrusher is the largest custom (OEM and ODM) vaporizer manufacturer in the United States. With offices and support spanning across every major U.S. territory, paired with international manufacturing facilities our team supports over 1,200+ brands and manufactures over 400 million units each year.

Custom Design and Engineering

Our team of experienced in-house designers are available to ensure your oils are complemented by advanced hardware solutions designed to the needs of your brand. With years of experience in compliant hardware design and thousands of brands brought from concept to market, our designers are here to work directly with your brand to bring your product to life.


Compliant packaging and design services available to support our entire product catalogue. With over 500 Million units designed, manufactured, and sold throughout retailers worldwide. Please contact us if you’re interested in competitive, high-quality packaging design and production.

Customer Success

Dedicated team member support 24/7 from concept and design to manufacturing and mass production. iKrusher business solutions provide you or your brand with around the clock customer service and on-demand support to answer any questions and partner with you through the entire process.