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Who We Are

iKrusher was founded in 2016, and is a U.S. based company with various domestic and international warehouse and office locations. Our international presence empowers us to lead the industry by providing personalized, one-stop services and access to our clients.  We pride ourselves with continual, sufficient product supply, and offer both door-to-door shipping and individual pickup options for optimized consumer convenience.

Mission: Our foundational constitution encompasses innovation, authenticity, and transparency. By setting excellence as the standard, we develop consistent, industry-focused, and integrity-driven performance vape technology to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Vision: We strive to lead the industry as the #1 international performance vape technology entity, by tirelessly delivering exceptional innovation, unmatched authenticity, and total transparency.


iKrusher was founded in 2016, and since then has expanded to seven further U.S. branches – and counting. Our headquarters in Los Angeles County provides 24-hour support for both domestic and international markets. We also offer premium domestic return and exchange services in the United States. 

We have the unique advantage and privilege of owning the largest ODM/OEM manufacturing facility in China. We offer a litany of superior vaporizer hardware which includes vape cartridges, pod systems, batteries, disposables, child-proof casings, and more. Additionally, we provide industry-related products, services, and information – anywhere from educational content to branding & labeling of all products.


As an extension of our warm welcome, we encourage all vaporizer manufacturers and distributors to visit our facilities on a guided tour with our personal industry experts. To schedule a tour, please contact us at inquiry@ikrusher.com OR call us at (888)353-3001.

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iKrusher | Products Brochure 2019

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