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How To Unclog A Disposable Vape

How To Unclog A Disposable Vape

In order to unclog disposable vapes, you need the latest vape pen technology by iKrusher. Our TC series provides the first pre-heat function of disposable vapes thanks to the OMNI Smart System.

This has been an issue that has plagued portable vape pens since their inception. For many users, it has taken far too long to make the correct adjustments to offer the best disposable vape pen experience. Thankfully, the technology always finds a way to improve, thus current disposable vape pens have been given the necessary upgrades in order to prevent clogging. 


Disposable Vapes Clogging Issues

In order to unclog your vape pen, check out the following:

  • Clear Debris From Center Post
  • Smaller Pulls
  • Using Preheat Function

Since they hit the scene, disposable vapes have had a lot of improvements in order to come into a world of their own. They were originally developed to handle standard(and much thinner) ejuice. The components weren't as durable as the vape battery. wasn't necessarily the strongest. 

Thus manufacturers used a TON of science to improve their technology. In order to improve, they had to separate the disposable vape into a 510 cartridge, and 510 batteries. When they did this, they created a whole new identity for the vape pen industry. The introduction of 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries helped to shape the industry into what it is today. 

By doing this, cartridge companies could improve the quality and performance of their technology, while vape battery manufacturers could upgrade their components to deliver the best disposable vape experience. 

Unfortunately, there were still the prevalent issues of vape pens clogging. While the standard cartridges still utilized cotton wicks for ejuice, the idea of replacing the cotton material was put in place. Ceramic was found to be the best choice for coil replacement due to its high heat retention, durability, and flavor profile. Ceramic cartridges became the new way for disposable vapes to prevent clogging. Still, even after that other upgrades needed to happen in order for the vape pen to stop clogging. 


Variable Voltage Prevents Vape Pen Clog

It wasn't until 510 batteries came onto the scene that vape pens had the ability to limit clogging issues. These vape pen batteries came with a multitude of new functions and features. 

The first was to implement variable voltage settings. This helped to adjust the amount of power that was put through the coil in order to heat the CBD oil inside the tank. At the time, disposable vapes only had 1 voltage setting. Thus, giving users more options in how they vape made the process more popular. If you wanted a more flavorful hit, you could adjust the voltage settings lower. If you wanted a straight hard rip, you could put it to the highest settings and get the most out of your experience. If you were looking for a middle ground, you could also find that. 

Although variable voltage settings have helped to reduce clogging issues, there was still something that needed to be implemented in order to function at the most optimal levels. 


Preheat Functions Solve The Issue

With variable voltage now helping to assist user performance, the next step was to remove the problem altogether. Preheat settings were added to vape pen batteries in order to heat up the cartridge without stressing the components. 

While you COULD essentially hold down the button or draw a little longer to solve the problem, it would heat up your oils too much, potentially stress the coil, or the temperature gauge on the device hit its peak and won't let you draw until the device cools down. 

With a few simple clicks, you can start the preheat function and when it is done, having a clogged cartridge is a thing of the past. The benefit of a preheat setting provides the ability to heat up your vape pen using a lower voltage just to break up whatever might have coagulated after heating. Thus, having a lower voltage put less stress on the coil, and allowed the user to hit their vape pen without any issues. 


The Best Disposable Vapes

iKrusher has prided itself on developing some of the best vape pods, 510 batteries, cartridges, and pod systems. Our development has led to the most innovative vape pen batteries for CBD oil on the market. 


Nord TC:

The Nord is still one of our most popular disposable vapes. We utilized a number of different materials to provide CBD oil manufacturers to provide one of the best experiences for users. We took this device and gave it. the necessary upgrade for the future. 

The Nord TC is now compatible with the OMNI Smart System. The OMNI provides the perfect voltage curve for your vape oils. This helps cut down on clogging for your disposable vape. On top of that, we are one of the first vape pen manufacturers to implement a preheat function for disposable vapes. 


Tik Pro Mini

The Tik pro was another popular device. Its size, shape, and battery were what helped to propel the device to the front.  It was one of the first rechargeable vapes and innovated the industry to provide the full effect. Most people had issues where the battery would die before they were finished. Adding the rechargeable port changed the industry as a whole as users didn't need to worry bout finishing their product before the battery died. 

The Tik Pro Mini is the next stage in evolution. We made it smaller, without decreasing the tank size. Also with a smaller battery, the idea of longer durations might be thrown off. This is not true. The rechargeable port allows for the best possible experience. The Tik Pro Mini implements the OMNI Smart System. 


Uzo TC

The Uzo has had our most innovative upgrades and is ready for the OMNI Smart System implementation. The UZO was a staple at iKrusher due to its small and compact size. Don't be fooled, it still has all of the technological upgrades - just packed into a really small disposable vape. 

The UZO TC provides the same performance, with a more tunable voltage curve. 


Unclogging 510 Thread Cartridges

iKrusher has implemented preheat technology into all of its 510-thread vape batteries. This allows the battery to put the best voltage output in order to thin out the potentially coagulated CBD vape oils. 

All of our 510-thread vape pen batteries contain the preheat function. If you are looking to unclog your cartridge, check out this article that talks specifically about unclogging a 510-thread cartridge and vape pen

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