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The iKrusher Alpha - Power, Versatility, Speed

The iKrusher Alpha - Power, Versatility, Speed


Heats either dry herb or concentrate in 5 seconds flat—lasting longer between charges—and all achieved without extra accessories or additional costs.



Most e-rigs average 20-40 seconds in heat time. The Alpha heats up in 5 seconds—keeping up with active lifestyles.



Packed with a reliable 6000 mAh battery, the Alpha pumps out 30+ sessions per charge, with higher volumes of material per session.



Most e-rigs out there are either concentrate rigs or dry herb rigs. The Alpha can handle both. Whatever your choice, from live resin to rosin to wax or oil, the Alpha uses designated induction cups to cruise through either dry herbs or concentrate with power and speed.


Solid Engineering

The iKrusher Alpha is engineered to eliminate burning plant matter for smoother, more flavor-impacted vapor than smoking pure flowers. The silicone gasket sealing the intake that houses the herb or wax is maximized to fit an optimal amount—for more dabs per load. The Alpha employs ceramic heating elements to enhance both flavor retention and potency. A height of less than 10 inches and a user-friendly UI gives full control over crafting the perfect session. High-quality
LEDs and a vibration mechanism power the Alpha haptic feedback and temperature feedback systems.


Induction Heating Technology

Induction heating powers lightning-fast, consistent heat-up times and precise temperature control. Unlike conduction heating, which most e-rigs use, induction heating doesn’t require direct contact with a heat source—fueling the ability to administer precise temperature control, consistent surface temperatures, evenly vaporize concentrates, and accelerate vapor cool-downs.
Thanks to induction heating technology, vaporization temperature is achieved in 5 seconds and kept consistent throughout the duration of a session. Fast or slow inhales are supported without overpowering the heater. Alpha has 3 modes: flower 240°F- 430°F (115°C-221°C), concentrate 450°F- 710°F (230°C-377°C), and concentrate ceramic 450°F- 710°F (230°C-377°C), and comes with Titanium and Ceramic heating cups.


Unique Water Filtration System

The embedded glass water filter acts as a filtration system, adding a kick of humidity that diffuses vapor, accelerates cooling, and produces huge, smooth clouds.



The Alpha silhouette is streamlined yet high-capacity, sturdy yet comfortable, with a rubberized grip. An integral silicone carb cap tether keeps the carb cap directly connected to the rig so that you never have to worry about losing it. A convenient HUD, or digital display, on the vaporizer lets you see what type of material is at use, the target temperature, a session countdown timer, and battery life. The base is available in 4 specular finishes: silver, black, gold and blue.


Ease of Use

The removable glass water filter is designed with a water to fill line for precise use. A loading tool is included with the dab rig kit for exact measurements and careful loading. The standard kit includes a fast USB-C charger. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using it. The Alpha provides everything you need and all accessories from tweezers to carb caps


Full Control

The Alpha is designed with 3 modes: flower mode, concentrate mode, and concentrate ceramic mode. Each has customizable temperature settings to tailor to your material, as well as customizable heating durations. Why did we choose customization over preset heat settings? Every material, every strain, and every batch prefers different optimal temperatures and heating times. Customization allows the user to achieve the perfect heating time and temperature combinations. E-rigs that employ preset temperature settings are often limited to only 3-4 temperature choices.



The entire device consists of only two components: the glass water filter and the base. The hand-blown glass is interchangeable, sturdy, and easy-to-clean, and the bowl is removable and interchangeable. Titanium induction cup and ceramic inserts are included as part of the kit, as well as replacement glass water filters, a silicone tether, a glass carb cap, and a ceramic top cap (all come standard in the kit). The standard kit comes with an impact-resistant carrying case and
separate cleaning tools for flower or concentrate. A self-cleaning setting burns off residue left on the induction cup at the click of a button.


Made for All

Beginners like the Alpha for its versatility and ease of use. Connoisseurs like the Alpha’s quickfire vaporization activation, greater time between charges, and fine-tuned control over experience.



Priced at $299, the Alpha is $100 lower than e-rigs that handle only concentrate. Get more bang for your buck, without having to pay extra for another dry herb vaporizer, because our designers engineered the Alpha to handle both.


Bottom Line

The iKrusher Alpha is an electric dab rig with a clean and simple user experience and an elegant look and feel.


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