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TIK PRO MINI: Compact Powerhouse

TIK PRO MINI: Compact Powerhouse

The TIK PRO MINI is one of the next leaps forward for vaporizer technology. Developed to be compatible with the iKrusher OMNI Smart System, you now have the power and effectiveness of our traditional TIK Pro with the optimization components of high-end vaporizer devices. 


The TIK PRO MINI: Optimizing Performance

iKrusher development teams worked hard to develop the next era of our most popular devices. The TIK Pro MINI is the culmination of developing an effective disposable vaporizer and combining it with next-level hardware and software. 

The original TIK PRO sold out so fast and has become an "iKonic" iKrusher staple since its first iteration. Now, the TIK PRO MINI packs the same hardware that everyone came to love but adds the customizable options of the OMNI Smart System. 


The TIK PRO: an "iKon"

While the TIK PRO remains one of our most popular devices, we wanted to take that and evolve it into the next phase of vaporizer technology. We kicked it up a notch and revolutionized disposable vaporizer technology. 

Battery: Our devs took a look at how the TIK PRO MINI could change the game and shrunk that technology into a slimmer fit. While that battery power is smaller, the rechargeable capabilities of the TIK pro are fast and will maintain performance until the tank is empty. 

Airflow Technology: The dual airflow capabilities of the TIK PRO have been upgraded for even more vapor and cloud production.

"iKonic" Ceramic Technology: We have upgraded the TIK PRO MINI with our patented ceramic coil.

OMNI Smart System: We have upgraded the TIK PRO MINI with the future of disposable vaporizer technology. Our OMNI APP and Hub act as the new wave of customizable settings for your disposable vaporizer. 


The OMNI Smart System

The OMNI Smart System was developed in order to be one of the first devices that let you fully customize your vaping experience. We understand the difference between wax consistencies and we want to give you control when it comes to how users experience your product.


Total Control: Evolving Performance

While disposable vapes have yet to overtake the standard 510 thread battery the ability to improve on the customizable ability of disposables has started to encroach upon once-dominated trends. the 510 vaporizer battery and cartridge have been the ultimate staple in developing innovative vape tech. 

Now, that same technology has been implemented into smaller, more discrete, and effective systems.  The OMNI Smart System lets you adjust every aspect of your disposable vaporizers. This allows you to give your customers the ultimate experience. 

By adjusting the voltage curve of your devices, you can ensure that the most optimal settings are in place. This also assists in developing the best output for battery life. 

Thicker concentrates can require more power to be drawn in order to effectively vaporize the material. This issue affects all vaporizers. Sometimes that pull takes more juice than other thinner concentrates. Pulling more power from the battery drains the battery significantly faster. 

By optimizing your voltage curve to handle thicker concentrates, you can still provide the same great experience while optimizing your battery's energy proficiency.

As disposable vaporizers continue to improve within the industry, they are also taking space from another major contender: 510- thread cartridges


How The TIK PRO MINI Holds Up To 510-Thread Cartridges And Batteries 

The TIK PRO MINI has the technological edge, here. While 510 thread batteries and cartridges have been the standard innovative device, the newly emerging customizable options of disposable vaporizers are catching up fast. 

Still, the standard 510 thread devices are still one of the most widely used vaporizer devices in the industry, technological advancements are catching up to the tiny titan faster than ever. 

The TIK PRO MINI has more customizable options for manufacturers while the standard 510 thread vaporizer user typically has only 3 settings to choose from. In terms of customization - there is no equal.

The overall competition is starting to heat up as technological innovation is currently in a footrace for the next big thing. it is only a matter of time before even these tiny titans will be on the older side of the spectrum and making way for newer more optimized devices. These innovations also help to improve vaping for thicker concentrates such as Live Resin, Live Rosin, and delta-8.

The groundwork is laid for the iKrusher TC series. With other devices such as the NORD TC, and UZO TC launching at the same time, iKrusher is ready to take center stage as the most innovative vaporizer hardware manufacturer in the industry. 

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