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Vape Pen Not Working? How To Solve It!

Vape Pen Not Working? How To Solve It!

Is your vape pen not working? Is your vape pen not hitting correctly? Is your vape pen blinking perhaps? These are all common issues that can put a damper on your day. While technology is continuing to improve to cut down on these issues, there are still some things that haven't been solved. Lucky for you, most of these can be fixed relatively easily. 


Why Is My Vape Pen Not Working?

There are a number of possibilities, let's take a look at some of the symptoms and how we can fix them. 

  • Low Vape Pen Battery
  • Vape Cartridge Connection Issues
  • 510 Cartridge Issues
  • Charging Issues
  • Cartridge and Pod Leaking

Low Vape Pen Battery

This is one of the most common issues and could mean a number of different things. The first and most obvious is to check to see if your disposable vape, 510 thread vape pen battery, and vape pod battery are fully charged! 

This can be easily detected by asking yourself "have I charged my vape pen recently?" If not, plug it in for an hour. 

Make sure to use the charging components that the device came with as others might not be adequately equipped to handle your vape. 


Connection Issues

This is more likely a culprit for 510 vape cartridges and vape pos systems. Since they need to be connected either through a 510 thread or a magnetic connector, there could be something blocking the way. 

Vape pods and vape cartridges aren't perfect. Although we wish they were, technology has been improving drastically in order to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, it can still happen. 

First, remove the cartridge or the vape pod from the vape battery. Then check the connection pins. Is there any wax or oils located on the connection pins? This might definitely be the case. 

Having any sort of debris in between the cartridge and the pen will cause your device to blink. This is an easy fix. Simply take a cotton swab or paper towel and throw some rubbing alcohol on it. Take the swab and run it through the battery where the pod or cartridge sits. This should clear it out. 

Also, if there is anything disrupting the connection pins, this means that you might have a small leak in your pod or 510 thread cartridge. Take that same swab with alcohol and do the same for the vape pod or cartridge. Refillable vape pens have this issue more. Due to them being used multiple times, they can wear out the cartridge over extended periods of time. 

If the 510 thread cartridge or vape pod has been used numerous times in a short duration, this could be the culprit. While these devices are meant to be hit for longer durations, it will still lead to the contents thinning out due to heat. If that is the case, then this would explain why your device is leaking. 


510 Cartridge Issues

The standard 510-thread vape cartridge has gone through years of technological innovation. While it is constantly improving, the same issues can still exist. While you may typically purchase high-quality cartridges with ceramic coils, you may have found yourself using a cheaper-quality cartridge with lesser-quality components. Check your cartridge and make sure that you are not using a cotton wick. If you are experiencing a burnt taste every time you hit, and there is still a lot of concentrate in your cartridge, then your coil might have burnt out. Make sure that you use high-quality vape cartridges with ceramic technology. The ceramic coil will help reduce this issue due to its high durability and heat resilience. 


Charging Issues

There are a number of charging issues that can be addressed. While not everything is clear cut, you can do the following to check to see if your vape pen is dead. 

Charging your device overnight: This is one of the most common issues and can lead to your vape pen dying. While there are hundreds of other devices that can be left on the charger for extended periods of time, standard vape pen batteries are meant to be charged only for the time that they are required to charge. This typically means about 30 minutes to one hour on the charging dock and nothing more. 

On top of that, other charging ports such as super-fast chargers can stress the battery out. Imagine putting it on one of those chargers and leaving it overnight. That spells a major short happening. 

Another thing to note is your car. Using your car cigarette lighter can cause issues with charging. While your car battery is good at charging your phone, your phone is developed to be able to handle it. The voltage levels in a standard vehicle vary. While one car can give your battery the perfect amount of power, other vehicles might provide much more  - be careful. 


510 Cartridge and Vape Pod Leaking

Look, sometimes this happens. Not all of these products are created equal and making sure you are purchasing a reliable device is extremely important. Even with the right quality, your cartridge and vape pod can still leak. This is simply due to the laws of physics. When you heat something up enough times, it will cause whatever you are heating to expand. This means that vape oil becomes thinner the more you heat it up. It will soon go back to its normal form, but in between then, it has the potential to slowly leak out of the cartridge or pod.


Vape Pen Clogging

This is going to happen to everyone a number of times Sometimes your oil or wax is simply too thick and your vape needs to be unclogged. Whoever manufactured it utilized an extraction method that was meant to provide a wax that was thicker than usual. All this really needs to be cleared is a pre-heat setting on your vape pen. The best vape pens now come with pre-heat functions that allow your device to heat up without as much stress as pulling or pushing the button. A couple of clicks will have your device heating up to the appropriate voltage setting and will make sure your concentrates are thin enough not to drain the battery or put excessive heat stress on the coil. 


Disposable Vape Issues

A disposable vape can often have these same issues, Unfortunately for many users, there are only so many things that you can do. While disposable vape pen technology is advancing rapidly to compete in the vape pen market, there is still a liability when using an all-in-one disposable vape. You can't remove the pod or cartridge from the battery and if it is leaking, then it may have the potential to fry any electronics inside the device. Disposable vapes have had this stigma since their inception. 

iKrusher has developed the next stage in disposable vape pen hardware. The OMNI Smart System allows the oil manufacturer to set the voltage curve in order to cut down on battery exhaustion and coil stress. 

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