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iKrusher disposables are built to last and engineered with the most compliant, durable, and sustainable materials. Designed with premium materials while providing an effortless experience.

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From flower to concentrates of every variety, iKrusher has a device for all your Vaporization needs. The iKrusher Alpha cruises through dry herbs and wax with power and speed. Delivering smooth vapor through the embedded water filter.

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Pod System

Pod System

Our Pod Systems are engineered to handle a full spectrum of oil viscosities and thicknesses while producing strong flavor profiles and milky clouds.

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Ikrusher pods feature performance-driven patented iKonic® technology known For the smoothest hits.

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Ikrusher 510 Cartridges feature performance-driven patented iKonic® technology known for the smoothest hits.

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From concept to design we take the time to tailor your brand. Our experienced creative team work collaboratively with our R&D department to provide you the best options.

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We provide you 2D & 3D digital proofs as well as physical production samples depending on the complexity of your design.

Delivered Fast

Once you are satisfied with your very own branded product you have the option To pick-up or we deliver it to you. Our turnaround time from approval date is between 4-6 weeks.

Design Capabilities

-Silk Printing
-Digital Printing
-Laser Engraving

-Anodized materials
-Metallic Finishes
-Rubberized materials
-Soft Touch

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Dead vape pen batteries? Get a replacement now from us, today. No matter if it is a pod system, or 510 thread battery, we have a rechargeable vape battery for you. Get the most out of your vape pen with long-lasting, iKrusher batteries.

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While shopping, you will discover a variety of vape pens, pod systems, disposables, and more. If you are shopping for an individual piece then refer to our accessories where you can find gadgets & tools to pair with your device.

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Alpha Vaporizer

Alpha: Power, Versatility, Speed Dual-Use Concentrate and Dry Herb E-Rig The iKrusher Alpha is a portable electric dab rig, or e-rig, that’s ready to use in 5 seconds. E-rigs banish butane-burning, torch-wielding devices in favor of discreet, on-the-go dabbing. Get intimate with your dab experience with this lightweight, hand-held e-rig made for heavy to gentle gripping and ripping. Here’s a deep-dive into what makes the Alpha one of the top e-rigs on the market. Overview Heats either dry herb or concentrate in 5 seconds flat—lasting longer between charges—and all achieved without extra accessories or additional costs.

10 Things You Should Know About Vape Pod Systems

10 Things You Should Know About Vape Pod Systems A new type of vape system has emerged from the murky depths of the vape market: a sleek, relentlessly efficient, low-maintenance vape. Introducing: The vape pod system. What is a vape pod system? Vape pod systems are great for beginners. These no-fuss, grab-n-go vape systems are so discreet you won’t even know they’re in your pocket. Instead of having to clean your tank, change the coil, and choose the right wattage for your tank, all you have to do is replace your pod. To help you search for the best vape

Tips on Developing your Own Vaporizer Line

So, you’re considering launching a vape line for your brand. But with so many providers, styles, and variables to consider how can one be certain they are making the decisions that are right for their brand, extracts, and customers from the get-go? As manufacturers, we know what it takes to create a reliable and attractive business model to ensure sales for years to come and have worked with many commanding brand names over the years to make their vape dreams a reality. So, what does it take to manifest an impressive stand out vape line in this current market? It