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While shopping, you will discover a variety of vape pens for oil, pod systems, disposables and our dab products that are great for resin, or concentrates. Our pods and carts are bundled into bulk packs, you will always be purchasing in multi-unit bundles. If you are shopping for an individual vape, then refer to our vape pods, or vape batteries sections, where you can purchase individual items.

iKrusher is a premiere vape company, that customizes vaporizers for some of the top brands on the market. Here in our shop, you can browse our entire selection of iKrusher’s catalogue. Afterall, iKrusher has everything from Vape Kits, 510 carts, 510 vape pens to dab pens. Our vape products feature all the latest technology, and our in-house R & D team designs products that set trends in the vape industry.