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iKrusher Vape 101: Resins & Rosins

29 Apr 2024
iKrusher Vape 101: Resins & Rosins - iKrusher

Welcome to our new blog feature: iKrusher Vape 101! In this series of blogs, we'll explore some of the many fascinating aspects of vape technology and culture. Our goal is to help inform and educate our readers so that they can make better informed choices for themselves and their customers.

In today's blog, we'll look closer at two popular vaping substances: resins and rosins. Let's get started!

The Essence of Extraction: Resins and Rosins

Today, we'll examine two often misunderstood substances used in vapes: resins and rosins. Although they look similar and have similar names, the differences between these two popular oils are more significant than they might first appear. Today, we examine some of the differences and similarities between resins and rosins to help you choose what's best for you and your customers.

What are Resins?

In general, resins are brown or golden-colored substances naturally produced by plants and used for many different purposes. But in the cannabis world, resin refers specifically to an extract that contains all of the compounds that give cannabis its flavor and psychoactive potency. The extract is then mixed with terpenes for flavor. Often used to make vape cartridges and edibles, resins are produced with hydrocarbon solvents, usually butane, ethanol, or propane, which results in a purified and consistently potent extract.

What are Rosins?

Rosins, another popular cannabis oil, are produced by pressing the oil out from plant material using heated plates. After the pressing, the rosin can be refined even further for use in vaping. Rosins are a potent and flavorful concentrate that retains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant. No chemicals are used in the production of resins, meaning they offer a more natural and holistic experience. On the other hand, resins are often more expensive because it takes much more plant matter to make a small amount of rosin.

Resin or Rosin: How to Decide

When choosing between a resin or a rosin for your vape, you must consider your budget, device options, and customer's preferences. If you prioritize purity, flavor, and a full-spectrum experience, then rosin may be the ideal choice for your vape. On the other hand, if potency, versatility, and consistency are priorities, resin might better suit your needs. Another consideration is price; because of their higher yields, resins are usually less expensive, and rosins offer a higher-end product.

On A Final Note

Whether you choose a flavorful and smooth rosin or a potent, more complex resin for your vape product, when it comes to hardware, iKrusher has you covered. For more versatile resins, you can use most iKrusher vape models with temperature control, including the Uzo Pro, NordPhin 1mL, Crest, and Tik Pro Mini. But if you're interested in rosins, then iKrusher's Tik Pro Mini TC is the device you need. As always, iKrusher can help you choose the best device for your preferred oil and customize it to suit your business's needs. We're here to help!

That wraps up our first iKrusher Vape 101 class. We trust you've gained some insights into the differences between resins and rosins, their unique characteristics, and where they excel. Stay tuned for our next enlightening class at iKrusher Vape 101.

Class dismissed!

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