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The Best 510 Battery And Wholesale Cartridges: iKrusher ODM

28 Nov 2023
The Best 510 Battery And Wholesale Cartridges: iKrusher ODM - iKrusher

iKrusher offers the best wholesale 510 vape batteries and 510 cartridges. Throughout our process, the idea has always been to improve the quality of the current standard and set the next.

We provide everything from 510 batteries and cartridges, vape pods, disposable vapes, and tabletop vaporizer systems - all available at wholesale cost. 

Throughout our history, we have made extensive improvements to provide a more effective and a more pure vaping experience. 


510 Batteries Evolve

510 batteries weren't always the mini powerhouse that it is today. It had to go through numerous quality improvements before gaining the significant popularity of being the "industry standard" vape pen. 

When vape pens were first introduced to the industry - they didn't have what it took to be the big pioneering vape pen that it is today. At first, they had limited quality issues, leaking, low-quality components, and short battery life. On top of that, they were originally designed to be small, compact vape pens for nicotine ejuice. This is why the vape pen battery was low in power and the original vape pen cartridge had an internal cotton wick instead of the ceramic coil that we use today. 

This is when the original disposable became the founding 510 thread technology that we all know about. First, the cartridge and battery were separated. 510 thread technology was first introduced in the stage. This allowed each component to develop and improve individually. If cartridges improved, then the battery would be able to upgrade to handle the new performance levels. 

The first big change for the 510 vape cartridge was to remove the cotton wick and establish a more durable and heat-resistant material that would last far longer. See, the thing about cotton is that it works really well for ejuice, but not much better than that for thick wax and oils. It was around this time that many wax and dab makers were trying out the available technology and came across these devices due to their perfect 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml tank sizes. Cotton wicks would burn out due to the high voltage levels that were needed to vape. This would leave a gross nasty taste in the user's mouth and every hit after the first burnt one meant that the customer was losing money and having a really bad time. 

So ceramic was chosen to replace the cotton wick. This allowed for longer use, more flavorful hits, and could handle going much higher than the traditional cotton wicks. 


The 510 Vape Battery Advances

The next improvement were 510 batteries. It was terribly underperforming - but that was simply because it was originally designed for something else. When the technology was implemented to turn 510 cartridges into wax and oil holders, the 510 vape pen battery needed an upgrade. 

The first was to innovate the pen so that it could provide more power - not lose as much energy with the use of wax and still keep its small, discrete size. 

This was easy as battery technology of the time typically heads in the direction of smaller batteries with more power were then put in place of standard vape pens. 


The iKrusher S1 and S2 510 Batteries

The iKrusher S1 and S2 vape pen batteries are our jump-into 510 batteries. These 510-thread batteries are perfect for everyone who has a 510-thread cartridge! 

With the standard 510 thread, large battery life, and variable voltage, users will find the S1 and S2 510 vape pens will be the perfect companion for any and all vape cartridges. 

The S1 and S2 make the best 510 batteries. 


iKrushers Other Line Of Vaporizers

Disposable vaporizers are quickly becoming one of the most popular devices on the market. With so many different styles and settings to choose from, it's become up there in sales alongside 510 thread vape cartridges and vape pod systems. The ease of use for these devices is unmatched and you get everything you need all in one vape. On top of that, disposable vapes have also integrated the same quality vape pen components that cartridges have. 

Utilizing the same technology has helped build the disposable vape to where it is now. Implementing ceramic coil technology, longer-lasting batteries, and rechargeable capabilities have made disposables almost the new champion in the ring. 

Vape pods and vape batteries have also had their fair share of victories in the industry. They have been able to latch on to the oil manufacturing side due to their specific nature and style. If an oil maker utilizes a vape pod, then the only way to use that vape pod would be to purchase the compatible vape pen battery. While it is not as universal as the standard 510 cartridges and 510 batteries, the vape pod and vape battery are meant to attract returning customers who are dedicated to a specific type of oil and manufacturer. 

Check out our extensive line of vaporizers and see how we can help you choose the right one for your brand. 


Wholesale Vaporizers From iKrusher

iKrusher offers the best wholesale pricing across its entire vaporizer line. 

From disposable vapes, and vape pods, to vaporizer cartridges and tabletop vaporizers - we provide some of the most innovative vape hardware for the best price. 

Our wholesale team would love to speak with you! 


iKrusher ODM

Our ODM process is fast, and fun and will help deliver your vision in every detail imaginable. You can select from our wide range of vaporizer devices, place your logo, provide any and all graphics and see how our vapes can grow your business to new heights! 

Our dedicated staff will help walk you through the process step by step to make sure that you are getting the exact vape pen that will make your brand shine on the shelf. 

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