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The Best Vape Pens For 420: iKrusher

28 Nov 2023
The Best Vape Pens For 420: iKrusher - iKrusher

420 is nearly upon us. For the millions of Americans who still have to fight for their freedom to enjoy concentrates, flowers, and edibles, this holiday comes as a one-a-year reminder to politicians that Americans want to change the system that oppresses them for enjoying a plant. 

Sales will be booming soon for those oil pen enjoyers in legal states. Retailers and smoke shops will always have crazy deals especially when the current market is saturated with new businesses. 

iKrusher has developed the best vape pens to enjoy on your 420 outings! 


The Best Vape Pens For 420

The best vape pens come from iKrusher technology! We have been the staple of innovative and technologically advanced hardware for years and we continue to push the bar when it comes to setting the standard for the future. 

iKrusher has a vast line of technologically sound vape pen hardware spanning from 510 thread cartridges and batteries, disposable vape pens, vape pod systems, vape pen accessories, and more!


iKrusher Disposable Vapes

Our line of best disposable vape pens is taking the industry by storm. Since we launched the OMNI Smart System in conjunction with our line of TC disposable vapes, we have created one of the most optimally effective vape pen experiences on the market.


What Is The OMNI Smart System?

The OMNI Smart System is the latest revolutionary component in our vape pen arsenal. With the ability to adjust the temperature curve of your vape pen, you can have optimal performance with a tasty flavor profile. 


Why Is The OMNI Important? 

Your standard vape pen may have 3 pre-set voltage settings installed when you purchase it. With a few simple clicks, you can alternate between a low, medium, and high voltage setting. While this was great in revolutionizing more customizable vape pen settings for users, it also needed to be built upon for a better vape performance. 

The OMNI takes that to the next level by adjusting the voltage curve throughout your hit. To put things into perspective - If you have a 510-thread vape battery, chances are it has a few different voltage settings. If you choose one that puts your voltage settings at 3.0 volts, then your vape pen battery will always heat up to 3.0 volts. The problem with this is the longer you draw or continue to take consecutive hits, you are heating up your oils far past what that 3.0 volt was originally intended for. 

The OMNI system allows for those voltage settings to taper off after a few seconds. This new way of optimizing a vape pen battery allows for longer battery life, improved performance, and a much more potent flavor profile. 

We took our most popular disposable vape pens and optimized them with the OMNI Smart System. 


The Nord TC

The Nord TC delivers so many customizable options. From an all-ceramic center post to different coil options. Now it has the OMNI installed!


The Uzo TC

The original Uzo was developed after we asked the question "How small can we make disposable vaporizers without sacrificing any of the performance?"

The Uzo TC is that plus more. Without adjusting the size of the device (which is smaller than a lighter), the Uzo TC is compatible with the OMNI Smart System. 


510 Thread Vape Pen Batteries

iKrusher has developed innovative 510-thread vape pen batteries. With rechargeable ports, variable voltage settings, and massive battery power, we provide the best assortment of 510-thread vape pen technology on the market. 


The S2 510 Thread Vape Pen

The S2 510 thread battery is powerful and performative. With a rechargeable port located on the bottom, variable voltage settings, and a pre-heat function, the S2 is the second in line of advanced 510 battery hardware. 


The S3: Our Newest 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery

The S3 is the culmination of our advanced 510 thread technology. We made the battery a whopping 650 mAh and rechargeable. We wanted to create the most optimal vape pen battery. We also added the OMNI to this in order to provide a more robust and optimized vape pen performance. The S3 is our latest cartridge vape pen to hit the market.


iKrusher Is The Best Vape Pens For Your 420 Retreat!

We wanted to provide users with the best possible vape pen experience. That is why our new and improved vaporizers have been the apple of everyone's eye. Regardless of if your state has now fully implemented common-sense policies or continues to fight the good fight, remember whatever you do this 420, don't forget your disposable vape pen!

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