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The Best Vape Pens For Delta 8 CBD

28 Nov 2023
The Best Vape Pens For Delta 8 CBD - iKrusher

The best vape pens for Delta 8 CBD come from iKrusher Technologies. With a wide range of disposable vapes, 510 vape pens, vape pods, and batteries, we provide the most optimal vape performance for your high-quality oils. 

Delta 8 CBD is quickly becoming the "hottest" oil in the industry. Due to the extraction process from hemp, there are no psychoactive chemicals. While this may not be the choice for casual users, in states that haven't passed common-sense policies, CBD can be used throughout America. Thus, more and more people are trying it out, seeing if it can help them utilize the benefits of Delta 8 CBD. 

While Delta 8 CBD has begun to take the nation by storm, the technological innovations from vape pens haven't quite caught up...until now. 


iKrusher Vaporizers: The Best Tech For Delta 8 CBD

While other vape pen brands have improved in their quality, iKrusher still maintains its forerunner technology and uncompromising dedication to innovative vape pen hardware. 

Delta 8 CBD has some of the thicket viscosity among popular extraction wax. Due to the extraction process, it can be tricky to find the right components that make the best vaporizer for Delta 8 CBD. 

Thankfully, iKrusher manufactures the widest range of effective vape pen products that will ideally benefit your Delta 8 CBD oil. 


iKrusher Disposables For Delta 8 CBD

iKrusher has one of the best disposable vape pen lines in the industry. Technological innovations have helped to bring us to the forefront of the disposable vape industry.


UZO Series

One of the most popular disposables at iKrusher has been the Uzo Series. The Uzo Plus is the child of innovative upgrades on the entire Uzo series. The Uzo, Uzo pro, and Uzo TC are all perfect disposable vapes for Delta 8 CBD. 

The large tank, smaller than a lighter size, and rechargeable capabilities give the Uzo Plus an edge over other disposable vape pen brands. Also, the Uzo Plus features anti-clogging technology and your choice of either our patented "iKonic" ceramic coil or our "Pure" ceramic coil. 

We have developed the Uzo series into the future without the Uzo TC Disposable vape. This connects to our new OMNI Smart System and allows Delta 8 CBD oil manufacturers to set the perfect heat settings and flavor performance for their oils.


Xenbar Series

The Xenbar was one of iKrushers best leading disposable vaporizers when it was first launched. At the time, disposable vape pens were getting a bad reputation. Clogging issues, battery life issues, and coil problems from other vape pen brands pushed people into the 510 thread cartridge sector (more on that later). 

The Xenbar was the first to develop a rechargeable port for micro USB fast charging. With a 1.0 and 0.5 mL tank, Delta 8 CBD oil manufacturers could choose between a variety of options. 

Since its debut, it has seen a number of upgrades  - The Xenbar Plus and Xenbar pro have since taken over the original Xenbar and make for the perfect companion for your Delta 8 CBD oil. 


Nord Series

The Nord series started off with the question: "How can we provide more customizable options for customers?" Well, to answer that, we needed a ton of customizable options to give to customers. The Nord has been one of our most innovative product lines. By providing multiple coil components such as titanium, ceramic, or pure ceramic, the Nord has been a signature device for Delta 8 CBD. With a powerful, long-lasting battery and leakproof tank design the Nord has become a signature style of disposable vapes. 

Now, The Nord TC takes that to the next level. With the ability to connect to the OMNI Smart System, you can now adjust the voltage curve of your battery in order to heat it at the best possible temps. Delta 8 is one of the most flavorful experiences, and the Nord TC will give you the most optimal and even burn with the most effective flavor profile! 


The OMNI Smart System For Delta 8

The OMNI is the next stage in disposable vape pen hardware. By connecting our TC Series disposable vapes to the app, and smart hub, you can adjust your vape's voltage curve, preheat settings, child protection software, and much more. In fact, we have a preset function specifically for setting your battery to the best Delta 8 properties! 


The Best Vape Cartridges And Batteries For Delta 8 CBD

510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries are THE staple in the vape pen industry. Heck, that's why we call them "vape pens" in the first place. They were the first to integrate new upgrades to existing technology and made the entire industry bloom into what it is today. 

The 510-thread vape cartridge is one of the most iconic pieces of vape hardware in the industry. Back in the day, it was the first to hit shelves and showcase what technology at the time could do. Unfortunately, it was developed for standard ejuice so the components needed to be upgraded to handle wax and oil. 

By replacing the cotton wick (which would burn out quickly) it was replaced by the ceramic technology that we have today. No more burnt cotton wick, the ceramic coil had the highest durability and flavor profile out of the other materials that could have been used. You can still purchase titanium or glass cartridges, but they are certainly far less common than standard ceramic. Thus the 510 vape battery has crowned the successor to modern wax ingestion (at the time). 


The S2 and S3 Vape Pen Battery

The S2 is everything the S1 is and more. By adding variable voltage settings and a preheat function, you can now have a fully customized experience tailored to YOUR needs. On top of that, we made the battery bigger and more powerful just because we could. 


The Best Vape Cartridges

iKrusher has made some of the most innovative vape cartridges on the market. By taking 510-thread technology to the limit, we have been able to introduce two of the best vape cartridges for Delta 8 CBD.  


Calibr Pro

We wanted to make this 510-thread cart stand out amongst a sea of terrible products. While the standard 510 thread cart focused on implementing ceramic into their carts, iKrusher was way ahead and thought about developing more durable and flavorful cartridges. By adding a porous nature to the ceramic cartridges, it allows the CBD to be trapped inside the pores in the ceramic for longer periods and can give the best, most flavorful experience. 



The Tux took everything that the Calibr did and took it to the next step. What makes the Tux perfect for Delta 8 CBD is that it has all the best components:  Your choice of either "Pure" or "iKonic" coils, and different mouthpiece options. One of the things that makes it so much better is our larger intake holes. One of the biggest problems with vaping thicker oils in a cartridge is clogging. Now we have covered how you can unclog your vape pen with no issue, but we wanted to design a cart that didn't require you to go through the motions. With the larger intake holes, you can now vape for longer periods. Match that with our patented ceramic technology and you have a no-issue vape pen experience! 

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