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What Are 2023's Best Vape Pens For Cartridges?

27 Nov 2023
What Are 2023's Best Vape Pens For Cartridges? - iKrusher

We are now in full swing into 2023 and the 510 vape pen for cartridge is feeling a little uneasy knowing that so many new innovative vape pen technologies are hitting the shelves. The 510 vape pen has always remained a staple for the industry, but now it may feel like it is phasing out for more advanced and simpler products. Still, there are 510 vape pens that dominate the industry, each with its own unique attributes to give users the best possible vape pen experience. 

The best vape pens for cartridges come from iKrusher. With our innovative and industry-leading R&D, we stay ahead of the curve by introducing the following industry standard for vape pens. 


The Best Vape Pens For Cartridges In 2023

iKrusher has dedicated our vision to developing next-level and innovative vape pen hardware. With so many options for consumers to choose from, the industry seems to be saturated with so many different kinds of 510-thread vape pens. 


The S1 510 Thread Vape Pen

The S1 was a founding staple of iKrushers 510 thread vape pen hardware. At the time of its inception, the industry was still focused on making 510 thread cartridges and batteries for thinner ejuice. These weren't that great for handling the thicker wax that CBD oil presented. In fact, they had a lot of issues trying to handle it. The cotton wick would burn out due to the higher wattages required to vape CBD oil and the battery was never strong enough to fulfill its duties. 

The S1 was a break from the norm. We dedicated our efforts to developing a 510-thread vape pen battery that would be perfect for thicker CBD oils. We wanted to answer everyone's complaints about the technology of the time. First and foremost, we wanted to introduce disposable vapes to the industry. With a Micro USB port, we created a vape pen that wouldn't be thrown away after a single use. This paved the way for other vape pens to start incorporating personal ingredients into the market. With the introduction of the charging port, many found that their vape pen could be customized to match the person. 

On top of that, the vape pen battery would also become larger to handle the voltage necessary to heat the oils for extended periods of time we developed a more robust vape pen battery with the S1.


The S2 - A Major Facelift

By the time the rest of the industry caught up to our standard, we wanted to go another step forward. Variable voltage settings as well as pre-heat functionality were topics that weren't yet explored. By taking the S1 and giving these upgrades, users could find a more useful and customizable experience for themselves. 

The added preheat function allowed users to unclog their device without holding the button far past its normal use or inhaling a super-critical hit that could blow out the coil. The preheat function will heat up the coil just enough to break up any thick oils that could be blocking the airflow. 

The added variable voltage settings were the biggest selling point and acted as yet another launch point for the future of 510-thread vape pen batteries. Users could now click their button a few times and alternate between a number of voltage settings that would give them a personalized and custom experience. For those looking to get far-out and blasted, they could choose the higher voltage settings, for those looking for a more flavorful experience without the harsh hit, the lower setting was perfect. For those looking to get the best of both worlds, then the middle setting would be best for them. 


The S3: Our Latest Advancement In Vape Pen Technology

The S3 took everything that was built into the first two and gave it the next industry-leading technology. In fact, we also wanted to make the battery larger for the upcoming 2.0 mL vape cartridges. 

The S3 pushes the boundaries of what can be placed into a small and discrete 510-thread vape pen. With even more customizable settings for voltage levels, we are providing users with the ultimate flavor performance and unrivaled battery power. 

The S3 has the following features:

  • 650 mAh battery
  • Extended battery life
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Stainless Steel Tube


The Stylus: Discretion At Its Peak

We wanted to create something that could be disguised as an everyday item. What better way to reshape the "vape pen" than to make it LOOK like an actual pen? The 510 thread cartridge will fit perfectly in the 510 adaptors, and the magnetic cap keeps your cartridge hidden away from the unseen eye. 

On top of that, we wanted to revolutionize how the 510-thread battery operated. While variable voltage was great at the start, how could it get better from there? By implementing our new OMNI Smart System, the voltage settings will taper off in order to adequately provide the right amount of power and maintain the accurate temperature reading for improved flavor performance and long-lasting battery life. 

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