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What Are The Benefits Of Disposable Vapes?

27 Nov 2023
What Are The Benefits Of Disposable Vapes? - iKrusher

Disposable vapes have a wide variety of benefits. For many, this has been the go-to for creating a more enjoyable experience. This article will take a deep dive into where the industry started and how these tiny, battery-operated devices have become so popular.


When Did Disposable Vapes Hit The Market?

Back in the early 2010s, the industry took a major turning point when innovation and technology developed some of the first-ever vaporizers. They were large, bulky, and required a lot of effort to use. While this wasn't the most popular go-to overnight, it did turn heads and establish its foothold in the industry. 

Since its debut, the industry has taken a more focused approach. While the first vaporizers were expensive and required a lot of focus to maintain the perfect hit, technology has allowed us to create a more optimal performance as well as deliver a more enjoyable experience to users. Cotton wicks have been done away with for more optimal ceramic coils. Battery life has been extended as well as allowing for rechargeable properties and tank sizes are ever increasing.


Disposable Vapes Come In A Wide Variety

There are thousands of vaporizer products on the market now. For some businesses, this allows them to work with vaporizer manufacturers to develop their own styles and shapes while providing users with the best possible outcome for their vaping. 

Pod systems, single-use batteries, and 510 thread cartridges are all the rage. This has allowed for concentrate manufacturers to find the best device for their products. Now, more than ever, technology is developing smaller devices with more power and variable voltages. 

Disposable vaporizers have even begun to provide an all-in-one experience for users by placing the tank inside the battery. This means that instead of purchasing a 510 thread battery and a 510 thread cartridge a consumer only needs to purchase a one-time single-use device that provides the most optimal experience and the greatest effect. 

Our products such as the Nord and the TIK Pro might be the size of a lighter, but they back a whopping punch. For the Nord, the 350 mAh battery can fit in the palm of your hand. In order for the user to use a wide variety of different concentrates in the device, the coil needs to hold up to the test. That is why we utilize a full ceramic coil in order to deliver the best output without issue. 

The TIK Pro is one of our most popular devices. The battery size and tank allow for an upgraded experience in contrast to the many other disposable vaporizers on the market. With the rechargeable function for the battery to the larger-than-life tank, this guy is set to be one of the best-selling vaporizers for the year 2023. 


What Are The Benefits Of Disposable Vapes?

Even before the invention of battery-operated vaporizers, you still needed to spend a large chunk of money in order to purchase what you needed. From bangers to complete rigs, torches, carb caps, and butane, to box mods, batteries charging ports, coils, and tanks, the overall cost to set yourself up was high. Even after you purchased everything, technology was designed to make sure you needed to come back every half-year in order to purchase a newer device. 

This isn't the case anymore with disposable vaporizers. The company that produces the oil is the one that fills the device. From there, you need nothing more than to spend what you need. 

Even with more cost-effective methods like the 510 thread components, you still needed to purchase the battery first and then the pre-filled cartridge in order to use the device. 

With disposables, it is an all-in-one function that takes away the need to purchase more and more accessories to get what you want. 

Ceramic coils have made larger strides over the years as well. While at first, they were cotton wicks that could not absorb the contents and constantly burn out over limited use, they have now been removed and replaced with more durable and cleaner burning ceramic coils. 

Overall, this industry will become more focused on short-term disposable options. This helps consumers with spending as well as creating high-quality devices for longer-term use. 2023 will see another increase in awareness for disposable vapes that have the potential to outshine some of the most popular methods so far. 

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