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How To Troubleshoot Your 510 Thread Battery

27 Nov 2023
How To Troubleshoot Your 510 Thread Battery - iKrusher

The 510-thread vape battery and cartridge are some of the iconic devices in vaping. First introduced as a counter to the more extensive box mods that were widely popular and started the industry as a whole, the 510 thread vape pen battery and cartridge improved their performance to overtake it as the top dog quickly. 

But like all pieces of hardware, sometimes something might not go right. When box mods first hit the scene, there was a technical learning curve that many users had to adjust and learn before they could fully switch to vaping. When that technology found its way into the 510 battery, so did the same issues. 

Troubleshooting a 510 vape pen can be a quick and easy fix. As professional vape hardware manufacturers, we want to be able to help you identify an issue, solve it, and then get back to vaping your delightful oils as fast as possible. 


Your 510 Thread Battery Is Fully Charged But Blinks When Pulling

This is probably the most common issue for most vape pens. In fact, virtually everyone had had this problem. You put your 510 thread cartridge on, make sure it's sitting there nice and snug, click the button on your vape battery 5 times to turn it on, and...uh-oh: your pen is blinking.

What do you do? There isn't much in the way of telling you exactly what's going on, but we have a good guideline for figuring it out. 


Check Your Connection

Did you screw your 510 thread cartridge on all the way? Make sure it's on the device all the way.  You want to also be careful if you over cranked the cartridge onto the battery. This can also cause issues due to the atomizer being pushed too hard onto the heating element. 


Make Sure There Is No Oil In The Way

Another major reason is that some of the contents of the tank are collected between the heating element and the battery itself. When this happens, the battery cant read the atomizer. A quick fix if you catch this. Just grab some rubbing alcohol, clean off the 510 thread of the cartridge then clean the 510 port on the battery. Typically this should solve your problem immediately. You want to check every now and again to see if this could cause a problem. Many times someone will disconnect their cartridge to find that it's gunked with sticky oil - this is a clear indicator that it is in the way of the connection. 


Making Sure Your Battery Is Fully Charged

This issue hits everyone as well. Charging your vape pen correctly will always create an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, when you don't charge it, guess what? It won't work. Who would have thought?

Making sure your battery is fully charged is a no-brainer, but we have to include it. 

Speaking of charging your battery correctly...


Don't Overcharge Your Battery

We understand that vape pen batteries are rechargeable, but that doesn't mean that you can just plug it in and leave it charging overnight. While most batteries now have overtime charging protection, this wasn't always the case. 

Leaving your battery charging over its necessary time will often decrease the lifespan and overall performance. On top of that, leaving it charging in your car can give different voltage results and can severely damage your vape pen. 

Another thing to note is the "fast-charging" blocks that many cell phones now use. While they may be great for your smartphone, they can cause issues by pushing too much power into the battery. This can also cut down on the lifespan of your device. 

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