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How To Use A Dab Pen

28 Nov 2023
How To Use A Dab Pen - iKrusher

A dab pen is one of the most common accessories for utilizing the benefits of concentrates. The innovation that it has brought to the industry has opened the doors to give more people access as well as help make it a more enjoyable experience for those using it and those around the user. 


A Dab Pen Is Simple and Discrete

The concept was developed back in 2012 with the invention of nicotine vaporizers. These vaporizers were often larger, bulky, and expensive. The selling point was that, while the upfront cost of making the switch from cigarettes was extremely high, the overall spending was far less. If you were a regular smoker, that would be a hefty payment. With box mods, the overall spending was approximately 1/3 of the spending for regular cigarettes. 

The option for box mods allowed for a TON of innovation afterward. Soon, there were tank attachments that could handle thick oils and dry herbs. These products weren't the first hot sales. This is due to the high cost of starting in the first place. The price of over $300 turned too many people away. Another factor came from the overall technical side of using a box mod. 


510 Thread Pens And Cartridges Hit The Market

One of the best innovations that came from vaping was the invention of the 510 thread battery and the 510 thread cartridge. 

These small and simple devices were not only cost-efficient for users but also allowed for easier transportation. Instead of having a big bulky device in your pocket, the standard dab pen style allowed you to take it with you wherever you went. On top of that, the cartridge was easy to unscrew and refill without any issues. 

Once the cartridge market hit the scene it quickly became one of the most commonly used devices in the industry. 


The Legal CBD Boom

One of the largest factors for the rise of the cartridge dab pen and battery was the legalization of CBD. originally seen as a schedule 1 narcotic alongside heroin, the ban was lifted in 2018 to allow medical use. With emerging medical industries in the United States, this allowed patients to have equal access to a more enjoyable experience. 

Medical dispensaries were lined up for new customers who could have legal access to medication. It also provided a more cost-efficient way for those users to have their product. One of the biggest factors that led to the popular rise was the lack of smoke or smell. Instead of combusting the material, it would simply heat up enough to vaporize the contents and provide a better experience to those around them. 

Unfortunately, not all CBD was up to par. With so many people having access, there was a major uptick in bootleg cartridge sales. Things have since simmered down.


Pen Care

Although the dab pen is easy to use and affordable, there have been a number of issues that have stemmed from these. While there are some products out there that aren't up to par with the rest of the industry, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your vape pen stays with you for far longer than it was intended to. 

  • 1. Don't overcharge your battery: We do this with all of our electronics. We leave our laptop plugged in overnight, we leave our smartphones plugged in for hours when we sleep. It's pretty commonplace. Unfortunately, these issues are prevalent in the same sphere as your vape pen. Lithium-ion batteries can only handle being charged for too long until the battery reaches a stress point. Simply charging your battery for the recommended amount of time will ensure that your battery lasts. The average time for a vaporizer battery is between 30 minutes to a full hour. 
  • 2. Avoid a fast-charging block: Again, like our cellphones, the use of ultra-fast charging systems can stress the battery too much. Many of these chargers are designed for specific products, not for vape batteries. Combine that with charging overnight and your dab pen can easily short out or not hold a charge for an extended period of time. Now, this isn't to say that you can't use this if you are in a bind, but regularly using one of these will absolutely shorten the lifespan of your battery. 
  • 3. If your pen has multiple voltage options, avoid using the highest one: When it comes to the lifespan of your battery's charge, using the highest setting will run the battery life down quickly. Although those settings are for obvious use, the highest setting is meant for thicket oils. Most pre-filled cartridges are using a solvent that helps with the vaporization process and won't overkill your battery life. The sweet spot is typically the second setting. It can provide the proper heating while using less battery power for the same result. If you are a power-ripper then using the highest setting is for you, but we don't recommend that for someone looking to take a couple of puffs. 
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