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How To Fill A Vaporizer Cartridge And Pod

28 Nov 2023
How To Fill A Vaporizer Cartridge And Pod - iKrusher

Filling a vaporizer cartridge and pod can be tricky if you are just starting out. Many first-time fillers will find their pods leaking or on the other side of the coin - clogging. This guide will help you understand the process of filling and explain why these methods are the best for having concise, reliable, and fun cartridges. 

We have all tried (at least once) to make concentrates and fill our own personal cartridges. Many of us do these to enjoy the process of furthering our knowledge, others are trying to get their foot in the door as entry-level employees or maybe you are just looking to get a better grasp as to how a cartridge and pod work. Whatever your reason, you are here now and we are here to help you! There are a number of benefits to utilizing these technologies and if you do it right, then you will have an easier time getting the wheels spinning. Today, there are more refillable vapes than ever before.

While large-scale facilities have the all-around proper equipment to handle up to 50 pods or cartridges at a time, many of us who just want to try it out do not have the luxury of a fully optimized turnkey approach. The filling process can be a lot of things (mainly messy) and having a clean and stable environment limits the opportunity to make mistakes with your refillable vape pen.

Here is what to know:

      • Most of our filling holes are between 1.5mm - 1.8mm
      • If your concentrate is thinner than usual, making sure to place the cap on immediately after is critical. 
      • Make sure the room temperature is not too hot or too cold (we recommend 66-75 degrees F).


Filling Dimensions

When actually pushing the concentrate into the chamber via a syringe, you need to make sure that the syringe itself is small enough to fit inside. Our cartridges typically fit a 1.5mm to 1.8mm needle.

While filling, it is recommended that you only use 1 hole (we know we have you two). The second hole is for air to leave the chamber when it is filling.  If we didn't put that second airhole on the top then the pressure will crack the cartridge. On top of that same issue, please refrain from using two needles to fill both holes at the same time as this will cause the same pressurization issues. 

For cartridges, the process is slightly easier. Most cartridges have a simple screw-on/off system that allows you to simply unscrew the mouthpiece, place your filling needle into the open cartridge and fill. Be careful not to overfill as when you put the mouthpiece back on there will be some extra space for the screw. 

We understand that each and every person who is looking to fill their cartridges and pod systems has their own way of doing the job. We also understand that sometimes you can mess up. Here is a simple guide for different types of concentrates that you can use:

          • Live Rosin – up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical
          • Rosin – up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical
          • Distillates - Simply add the terpene profiles that you would like to use.
          • Isolates – up to 1:2 ratio; 1:2 typical
          • Live resin - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical
          • Sauces - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical
          • Diamonds - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1.5 typical
          • Shatter - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical
          • Crumble - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical
          • Waxes - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical


Concentrate Temperature

There are a number of methods to achieve the right consistency for your concentrate.  In order to obtain the right consistency, we recommend heating up your product to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a hot water bath and leave your product until it reaches the right temperature for pouring or you can even use a heat gun to thin it out. Your refillable vape pen will perform best when the concentrate temperature is perfect. 


Making Sure Your Environment Is Temperature Regulated

One of the biggest reasons why something might go wrong is the average temperature of your setup space. We recommend keeping things on a slightly cooler level. At 66 degrees, your concentrates won't thin out due to heat, nor will they coagulate due to the colder air binding the molecules. Making sure you have the best internal temperatures for a refillable vape pen. 


Capping Your Vaporizer Cartridge And Pod

Once you have successfully filled your pod, you want to immediately place the cap on top. While some say it is better to wait, we recommend doing it under 1.5 minutes from filling. If your concentrate is on the thinner side of the spectrum, then sooner is highly recommended. A refillable vape pen will have either a rubber stop as well as a cap. Make sure that both a with you when filling. 


For cartridges, the process is much simpler. Once it is full, just screw the mouthpiece back on. Done and done! 


Inverting Your Vape Pod

Once you have filled the pod and correctly placed the cap on top in a timely manner, then the process of inverting the pod comes into play. Simply flip the pod upside down for 30 minutes to allow the concentrate to cool. If the concentrate is too thick then it has a high possibility to leak outside and in open spaces. Many times it can leak outside of the coil holes themselves. Make sure that you flip the pod to allow the concentration to reach room temperature.

Making sure that you have the right facility to operate a refillable vape pen company is the overall best bet. 

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