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Meet iKrusher At MJBIZCON 2023!

27 Nov 2023
Meet iKrusher At MJBIZCON 2023! - iKrusher

Join iKrusher and 35,000 visitors, businesses, and industry specialists participating in the 2023 MJBizCon in Las Vegas from Nov. 29th to 30th. This year we will be returning with our next line of innovative and industry-changing technology. Come take a look and get a feel for how iKrusher technology is revolutionizing the industry.

What to Expect at our Booth

Cutting-edge Unveilings

Dive into the forefront of vaping innovation with iKrusher as we unveil revolutionary hardware that's set to redefine industry standards. Don't pass up the chance to witness the future of vaporizer technology up close – swing by our booth and immerse yourself in the next phase of vape hardware evolution.

Live Product Demos

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, join us for interactive product demonstrations to master the art of effective vaping. Get hands-on with a variety of vape products and discover the ins and outs of optimal usage.

Sampling Extravaganza and Swag Galore

Immerse yourself in the world of iKrusher's latest vape tech with hands-on sampling opportunities. Snag exclusive merchandise at our booth, where style seamlessly merges with innovation in the dynamic vaping landscape.

Networking with Industry Pros

Elevate your presence in the vaping scene by dropping by booth #7618. Connect with our team of professionals for unparalleled networking experiences. Engage in discussions about innovative solutions and explore potential collaborations that could shape the future of vaping.

iK Community Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of vape pen technology by visiting our booth. Explore our latest breakthroughs, interact with our seasoned experts, and stay in the loop about the groundbreaking advancements that are steering the vaping industry into new territories.

iKrusher, a trailblazer in vaporizer hardware, takes this innovation to new heights with a diverse range of disposable vapes designed to cater to every vaping preference. Join us as we delve into the world of iKrusher disposable vaporizers, exploring the features that set them apart in the vaping realm.


The OMNI Connect

Experience the Future of Vaping with OMNI by iKrusher

Welcome to a new era of vaping sophistication with OMNI, the latest breakthrough from iKrusher. Redefine your vaporizer experience with revolutionary temperature control, giving you the power to customize your journey like never before.


Dynamic Temperature Control: Elevate Your Flavor

OMNI brings intelligence to your fingertips with dynamic temperature control for our TC series vapes. Craving a burst of flavor or diving into the depths of thicker concentrates? OMNI lets you sculpt every nuance, ensuring your vaporizer experience is as unique as you are.


Seamless Power Curve Adjustment: OMNI 2.0 Unleashed

OMNI 2.0 introduces NFC (Near Field Communication) for a seamless connection to your device. Adjust your power curve effortlessly, without the need for additional add-ons. Take control of your vaping experience with a simple tap.


Instant Verification: Trust in Authenticity

Only authentic iKrusher products can connect to the OMNI app, guaranteeing exceptional quality, reliability, and trustworthiness. Experience peace of mind, knowing that your vaping companion is an original iKrusher creation.


Our New Line of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vaporizers mark the next stage in vaporizer hardware, providing users with a discreet and hassle-free vaping experience. These compact devices encapsulate all the components found in traditional cartridge technology within a one-size-fits-all framework, complete with a rechargeable battery. Let's take a closer look at some standout models from iKrusher's impressive lineup.


Nord TC Series Disposable Vaporizer: Tailored Vaping at Your Fingertips

The Nord TC Series by iKrusher represents a pinnacle in disposable vaporizer technology, offering a myriad of customizable options for users. Whether you prefer the iKonic ceramic center post or the durability of a 316 stainless steel center post, the TC Nord allows you to fine-tune multiple temperature settings simultaneously using the OMNI system.

Inhale activation, anti-clogging features, and a rechargeable battery make this device a versatile companion for optimizing your concentrate vaping experience. The Nord TC's 1ml tank efficiently delivers oil to the iKonic ceramic coil, ensuring an evenly distributed hit powered by a robust 350mAh battery.

Its compact design makes it ideal for travel, easily fitting in the palm of your hand. For those seeking a long-lasting and rechargeable disposable vaporizer, the Nord excels in quality, extending the good vibes of your vaping journey. The patented iKonic ceramic coil, known for stress-free performance, absorbs tremendous heat for prolonged periods, ensuring a consistently satisfying vaping experience.


UZO TC Series Disposable Vaporizer: Compact Powerhouse with Innovative Features

Enter the Uzo TC, an ultra-sleek and compact rechargeable disposable vaporizer that defies expectations. Despite its lighter-sized form factor, the Uzo TC packs the full capacity of most standard-size devices. Featuring a transparent window and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this device invites users to savor every bit of their extract.

The new Uzo is compatible with the OMNI voltage/temperature control system, ensuring a personalized vaping experience. Built with safety in mind, the Uzo TC incorporates overtime inhaling protection and low voltage protection, providing users with peace of mind during their vaping sessions. The revolutionary anti-clogging technology ensures optimal airflow with just one draw, eliminating interruptions for the smoothest and purest user experience.

The device's all-in-one design simplifies the vaping process, sparing users the need to fuss around with coil replacements or connectivity issues. Additionally, the patented iKonic ceramic coils can handle high heat levels for extended periods, allowing users to indulge in substantial draws without the worry of coil burnout.


Porto: A Stylish Blend of Functionality and Flavor

Elevate your vaping journey with the Porto, featuring iKonic technology's ceramic atomizer for rich and flavorful hits. The device's large viewing window allows easy monitoring of the oil reservoir within a discreet and compact design. The button-actuated preheat feature combats potential clogging issues, while the Porto's two selective 8S temperature curves, combined with OMNI temperature control technology, enable effortless adjustments to achieve your desired temperature settings.

Stay charged and ready at all times with the convenience of the rechargeable Type-C charging port, making Porto the epitome of power and style in the disposable vaporizer world. The Porto's advanced customization features, including the button-actuated preheat feature, effectively mitigate potential clogging issues, ensuring a consistently smooth vaping experience.

The integrated OMNI temperature control technology empowers users to fine-tune their vaping experience to perfection. With the added convenience of a rechargeable Type-C charging port, the Porto stands as a symbol of power and style among disposable devices.


The Noble: A Dual-Chamber AIO for Unrivaled Satisfaction

Embark on a vaping revolution with The Noble, iKrusher's groundbreaking dual-chamber All-In-One (AIO) device. Tailored for users with distinct oil preferences, this device delivers unrivaled satisfaction through its dual airflow and advanced anti-clogging technology. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to pure enjoyment as the iKonic ceramic coil delivers unparalleled flavor hits.

The buttonless inhale technology simplifies the vaping experience, ensuring every puff is a delight. Get ready for a vaping revolution with The Noble. Featuring a dual-chamber design, dual-pod system, separate airflow for both chambers, a 260mAh rechargeable battery, and inhale activation, The Noble is a testament to iKrusher's commitment to providing users with a personalized and enjoyable vaping experience.


The Koble: Taking Trends to the Next Level

In a market saturated with vaporizers boasting 2.0mL pods, tanks, and cartridges, iKrusher engineers took the industry trends to the next level with The Koble. This device features a remarkable 3.0 mL pod, providing users with longer durations between refills. Coupled with a 260mAh battery, the Koble offers portability without sacrificing capacity. Designed for the next generation of disposable vaporizers, the Koble stands out by giving users a whole 1.0 mL more than the next disposable vape pen.

The Koble's features, including the 3.0 mL large capacity tank, tinted tank for discreet use, compact size, 260mAh rechargeable battery, and inhale activation, make it a standout choice for users seeking extended vaping sessions without compromising on convenience.


510-Thread Cartridges: Revolutionizing Vaping Oils

Vaporizer cartridges have been at the forefront of vaping oil technology, providing the framework for continuous innovation. iKrusher introduces the Karno, and Avaz, the newest technologies in vaporizer cartridges, each bringing its unique features to enhance the vaping experience.


Karno: A Leap in Cartridge Evolution

The Karno represents the next step in vaporizer cartridge evolution, distinguishing itself by utilizing an all-ceramic interior. While other cartridges incorporate a ceramic coil inside a metal encasing, the Karno takes it a step further to ensure the cleanest and most flavorful vaping experience for users.

With medical-grade PCTG, an anti-leaking design, and availability in 0.5- & 1.0-mL options, the Karno sets a new standard in durable vaporizer cartridges. The Karno's all-ceramic interior is crafted to produce the cleanest and most flavorful vaping experience. The 1.0 mL tank provides an optimal concentrate level for users, and with a resistance of 1.5 ohms, the Karno stands as one of the most durable vaporizer cartridges on the market.


Avaz: Metal-Free, All-Glass Innovation

The next stage in cartridge innovation arrives with the Avaz, the first-ever all-glass vaporizer cartridge for 510-thread batteries. Developed to be metal-free, the Avaz utilizes iKrusher's new iKonic Flux ceramic technology to deliver a smooth hit that satisfies all taste buds without the use of a metal chimney.

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