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The Best Delta 8 Vape Pods & Cartridges

28 Nov 2023
The Best Delta 8 Vape Pods & Cartridges - iKrusher

iKrusher has developed the best Delta 8 vape pods & cartridges for optimal performance. Our line of vaporizer products is meant to handle the next stage in CBD oils.


What Is Delta 8 CBD?

Delta 8 is quickly becoming one of the most popular new additions to the vape industry. Due to the extraction from the male hemp plant, it produces federally legal CBD. This has helped to develop the CBD industry and allows consumers to access the healing properties of the product. 

Delta 8 CBD is extracted in the same methods as its cousin. Raw plant material is placed into a vast and is extracted with a solvent. The solvent can range from flash-freezing with dry ice, or separated with a solvent like butane or alcohol. 

Once the CBD molecules are extracted, the remaining wax is put through a decarboxylation process or "decarb" process. This is where the wax is heated up to the desired temperature. The heat transfers the CBD molecules for CBDa to standard CBD in order to make it more potent. 

After that is done, the now more potent CBD is put through a process known as "isomerization". This is when the CBD is placed into a special form of glacial acetic acid. The CBD is placed into the acid for up to 72 hours. The end result is potent Delta 8 CBD. 


The Best Delta 8 Vape Pods & Cartridges

While Delta 8 CBD is quickly becoming more and more popular across the US, the technology to properly run these thicker concentrates has had to catch up. Vaporizer innovation has led to the development of more effective vaporizers, cartridges, vape pods, and vape batteries in order to adequately handle the necessary voltage curve. 

Traditional vapes and 510 cartridges didn't quite have the power when they first hit the market. Fortunately for them, the focus on creating high-quality - more reliable vape products meant that consumers would also focus on innovation and quality. This helped to remove the bootleg vape cartridge industry. 

This has led to a "vape race" of sorts with each manufacturer developing their own version of what is next to come in vape technology. 

With 510 vaporizer batteries requiring more power while continuing to maintain the discrete and sleek design, the power at the time was outside the reach to adequately handle Delta 8 CBD. Thus bigger ( or even rechargeable) 510 thread and disposable vapes needed to be developed. 


510 The Best 510 Thread Batteries and 510 Thread Cartridges For Delta 8 CBD

iKrusher continues to push the bar in developing innovative vaporizer technology. 510 thread cartridges are the most innovative product in the vaporizer industry. 

The Karno: The Karno is an all-ceramic 510-thread cartridge. By utilizing the next stage in ceramic technology, we have developed a far superior coil with an extra porous material. This helps to maintain a greater flavor profile for your Delta 8 CBD. Utilizing all ceramic chambers provides a durable and heat-retentive experience that allows your 510 battery to produce less heat while maintaining optimal performance. 

The S2 510 Thread Battery: By optimizing the overall battery performance by going...well...bigger - iKrusher has been able to develop a 510 thread battery that can handle the thickest oils - even Delta 8 CBD. This is what makes the S2 510 thread battery the best vape battery for Delta 8 CBD!


Vape Pods: Trendy Technology

Vape pods are some of the fastest-growing vaporizer products. While many oil and wax manufacturers like to maintain a core dedicated customer list, what better way to exclusively sell your oils with a specific vape battery and pod system?



The iKrusher TC Series: Perfect For Delta 8

iKrusher vape technology has worked to improve disposable vapes and vape cartridge performance. Our new iKrusher TC Series of disposables is a testament to the next stage in developing effective vaporizer products for a new age of wax and oils. 

As the industry is always shifting and developing, it's only right that we strive to develop alongside it. The iKrusher TC Series has taken our most popular line and given it the technological upgrade for the future. 


It Starts With The OMNI Smart System

Traditional disposable vapes had a knack for dying before the tank was empty. This was due to the overall power performance of the vaporizer itself. See, vaporizers will maintain the voltage setting that you placed on the entire hit. That means during your 3-5 seconds hit, the temperature far exceeds what the voltage setting was set to. 

This issue is what most commonly drains the battery. It also puts far more unnecessary stress on the ceramic coil. 

The OMNI Smart System is the next evolution for disposable vaporizers due to the Smart Hub and The OMNI App. Users can download the APP, create an account, then connect to the hub via Bluetooth and adjust their voltage curve settings for the best Delta 8 CBD experience. 

In fact, the OMNI Smart System even comes with pre-set functions to help you start adjustments the right way. This includes a fully customizable delta 8 CBD mode for all iKrusher TC devices. 


The Nord TC: Optimized Performance

The Nord TC is one of our most popular devices. The original Nord was one of our most innovative disposable vaporizers. We made all the technological advancements via the Nord and helped launch our "iKonic" line of ceramic coils. It was a no-brainer that this would be the first to get the OMNI upgrade! You can still purchase the NORD TC with its various components as well! iKrusher wanted to give users the most customizable experience before the start of the new year!


The UZO TC:  Tiny Powerhouse

The UZO TC is one of the smallest and most discrete disposable vapes on the market. With a 1.0 mL tank and rechargeable battery, it quickly became an iKrusher favorite. The success of these integrations begged us to ask the question:

Can such a small disposable vape handle the upgrade?

The answer is yes.

While it's one of the smallest and most discrete, having an optimized voltage curve through the OMNI Smart System means that the battery will need to be recharged for far less time. A small battery can still lose power, but at a much more optimized rate and continuing to maintain its rechargeable properties. This makes it one of the best vaporizers for Delta 8 CBD. 

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