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IKrusher Custom Vape App: Building The Best Vaporizer

28 Nov 2023
IKrusher Custom Vape App: Building The Best Vaporizer - iKrusher

iKrusher's Custom Vape App lets you design and build the best vaporizer for your brand. 

Looking to build the best vape brand? Are you looking to utilize a 510-thread cartridge? Or perhaps a disposable vape pen will help you sell your oil to the public. Even a pod system can work to your benefit! 

Well, you have a great idea - and iKrusher wants to help bring your vision to life with our Custom Vape App. 


How To Build The Best Vaporizer Brand

In order to make your vape pen brand stick out amongst the massive sea that already exists - is to do something different. 

Many products fall under a couple of categories:

"Space Swirls" - The first (and most traditional) has been the "epic space wizard" aesthetic. We all know who this is targeting. Anything with "cosmic space sauce" on the package is typically aimed at younger adults who use CBD. Purple swirls and 60's inspired imagery are what it's all about for this level of brand awareness. 

This is made to entice people to try the higher CBD percentage oils. While many look for something that relates to them, there will always be those who are looking to try the heaviest hit possible. The custom vape pen process is perfect for these vapes. 

"Organic" - The Second relates more to the older crowd. We've all seen green and white packaging explode onto the scene since CBD became legal. White means clean and green means health - we get it. How about trying something a little different? In fact, many people are going with the same color combo, but are moving away from plastic packaging in order to create a more health and wellness mindset about their product. 

Replacing high gloss with more textural packaging is where you can attract a lot of attention. Especially for those who are simply casual and those trying it out for the first time. They don't want to be scared away from "the cosmic dragon". They want something that makes them feel secure and relaxed. Having a custom vape pen brand, you will see more people reach for your product. 

"Organic" packaging is the way to go. This can be done for all types of vape pens. From disposables, 510 thread batteries, 510 thread cartridges, and vape pod systems. 

Another factor would be how to style your device. If you are going for this type of branding - you want your device to match the theme. There are plenty of simple, organic styles that you can see on shelves today. Many of the vape pens inside try to match the color scheme of the packaging. 

"Tech" - A new and emerging vape pen branding technique has spawned from a number of current trends. Many oil manufacturers are focusing on the tech side of their products. Having quality vape pens is half the battle of selling your oils. This is because the oil is the other half. This might not be the most popular, but it is quickly emerging. With video games now becoming more popular than ever, it's no wonder it has moved into the CBD space. Having a custom vape pen to showcase your prominent technology is now more important than ever. 

There is a major trend emerging from the industry. Now that technological innovations have helped to build the vape pen industry, many have put attention and focus into what makes their vape pens a higher quality than the rest. You will see packaging focusing more on the technology side.


The Best 510 Thread Battery Branding - iKrusher

The S2 takes it up a notch by providing a much larger vape pen battery. With higher mAh with variable voltage settings, the same design can be implemented into more effective products. 

510 thread batteries are some of the most common vape pens on the market. Their universal standard has propelled the 510 thread cart and battery into the highest esteem. The best 510 thread vape batteries have the following properties:

  • Variable Voltage
  • Rechargeable Vape Battery
  • Pre-Heat Functions


The Best Disposable Vape Pens

Back in the day, your standard disposable vape pen was looked past. Leaking issues, low battery life, and coils that couldn't handle the wattage were all parts of the disposable vape that didn't stick. Luckily, technology doesn't get to where it is without innovation. 

Today's disposable vape pens are some of the best devices in the industry. Powerful batteries, ceramic coils, and leak-proof tanks are all major factors in what makes the best disposable vape. On top of that, iKrusher engineering has developed the OMNI Smart System. This system allows your disposable vapes to adjust their temperature control. This brings about less stress on the coil, drains far less power from the battery, and provides the most optimal flavor. 


Vape Cartridges

Some of the best vape cartridges are from iKrusher. TUX Pro, Karno, and Calibr Pro are some of the best CBD vape cartridges in the industry. The CBD vape cartridge revolution started with iKrusher technology. Larger intake holes for thicker concentrates. ALong with iKrusherspatented "iKonic" coil and Pure ceramic coil, you can see what makes these cartridges the best in the industry, 


The Nord TC

The Nord is one of iKrushers more popular devices. With varying center post materials and coils options, Nord allowed oil manufacturers to have a custom experience all of their own. 

We developed the Nord TC with that in mind. By adding the OMNI Smart System, the ceramic coils are boosted by the most effective voltage curve imaginable. The flavor profiles will be the perfect mix of potent and flavorful. 



The UZO is one of our most innovative vape pens. Smaller than a lighter, it retains massive battery life and durable coils. 

We tried to make the most discrete vape pens on the market. Packing as many technological innovations into a device - showcases what iKrusher technology can do. This is why we added the OMNI Smart System to the UZO TC. We wanted to showcase that the same powerful technology could be placed inside the smaller disposable vape pen.


The TIK Pro Mini

The Tik Pro is a staple at iKrusher vape pens. The 0.5 mL tank and powerful rechargeable vape pen battery helped to propel the Tik Pro Mini to the front of the vape pen hardware evolution. 

This is why we wanted to promote the leak-proof design of the Tik Pro Mini disposable vape pen. By adding the OMNI Smart System, you can now adjust the voltage curve in order to have the most potent flavor profile and optimal experience. 


The Xodos

The Xodos is our absolute highest seller. Through its generations and innovative properties, it has helped the Xenbar to be our most popular device. 

The Xodos was iKrusher first disposable vape that had a rechargeable charging port. From there, we made it the fastest-selling device in our inventory. With dual airflow to prevent clogging, larger intake holes for thicker concentrates, and rechargeable vape pen capabilities, this Xodos Pro is our hottest-selling device. 

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