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Unclogging A 510 Thread Cartridge

28 Nov 2023
Unclogging A 510 Thread Cartridge - iKrusher

Unclogging a 510 thread cartridge is a common question that many ask. Almost all vape users have run into this issue at one time or another, or it may continue to happen. When it does, it may feel like you are trying to pull maple syrup through a straw. 

We are going to break down what goes into a 510 thread cartridge, why this happens, and how to solve it. 


What Components Are Inside A 510 Cartridge?

A vape cartridge is made up of the following components:

  • An atomizer
  • A coil (cotton, metal, or ceramic)
  • Glass tank
  • Unscrewable Mouthpiece

The Atomizer is the piece that makes everything work. This is the contact point between the heating element on the pen that works to heat up the coil. It can be pulled out, but it is not recommended due to the nature of the device. If your pen is blinking three times, it means there might be an atomizer short OR there is simply something getting in the way of the connection. If something is getting in the way of the connection, then it means that your pen is leaking concentrate into the contact patch. 

The way to solve this is to simply take some rubbing alcohol and swab out both the contact patch on the pen as well as the threading and atomizer located at the bottom of the vape cartridge. 

The coil is another extremely important piece of the vape cartridge. This can be made up of cotton, metal, or ceramic. The issue of clogging is far more common among cotton wicks. They were first used when vaporizers first hit the market and were quickly done away with for more innovative and effective vaporizer technologies. 

Metal dab pen carts are meant to burn at higher temperatures and can provide several benefits as opposed to ceramic or cotton. With the main benefit of being able to vaporize all contents within the vape cartridge, you lose out n the flavor aspect of what you are inhaling. 

Ceramic coils allow for a nice balance of medium-temperature vaping while also providing a nice flavorful blend. 510 cartridges are the fastest-selling device on the market. 

These three components connect to the atomizer and this act as the element for full vaporization. 

Next is the glass tank. This fits around the atomizer and connects itself to the unscrewable mouthpiece. It is a simple component that connects everything together into a simple, easy-to-use vape cartridge. 

Last but not least, is the mouthpiece. This unscrewable part is the final piece of how everything fits together. You can easily refill your vape cartridge by removing the mouthpiece and inserting your filling syringe. Then you can simply screw it back on and be ready to go. 

Now that you know the parts of a basic cartridge, let's see where the problem might reside.


Unclogging A 510 Thread Cartridge

One of the most common reasons why a cartridge is clogged is due to the concentrate being too cold or too thick. Being too cold can typically happen in parts of the country that experience colder seasons. Leaving your cartridge in your car or backpack while you are outside can cause the contents to harden. 

The simple trick here is to simply warm it up! Putting it into your inside jacket pocket or simply in your pants pocket will help bring the concentrate back up to the room (or body) temperature. 

Another way that your cartridge can be clogged is simply that you are not vaping at a high enough temperature - OR your battery is not fully charged.

There are plenty of 510-thread batteries on the market that allow for multiple voltage settings. Each brand has a different voltage level and rarely are two brands the same. On top of that, each cartridge filler utilizes different solvents that can change the consistency of your concentrate. 

Sometimes if your pen voltage is set to the lowest setting, it will not heat up the contents of your cartridge fast enough (or even effectively enough). Sometimes you simply need to bump up your voltage in order to get what you want out of your vaping experience. The best 510 thread batteries are from iKrusher technology. 

Making sure your cartridge is ready to rock is easy and effective. Nobody likes to be out and about without their favorite strains! follow the steps provided and you will make sure you have a great time no matter what! 

Spotting A Bootleg Cartridge

Not all cartridges have the same fantastic quality that iKrusher has. In fact, there are many cartridges on the market that are of low quality and would not pass safety expectations. These are typically from non-commercial and black-market sellers. 

With new technology constantly evolving with the 510 cartridge, it won't be long until we see non-clogging devices finally hit the market. 

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