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Vape Pods Or 510 Thread Cartridge? The Best Vape For You

28 Nov 2023
Vape Pods Or 510 Thread Cartridge? The Best Vape For You - iKrusher

Oil manufacturers use vape pods to gain repeat customers while 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries are the universal vape pen hardware on the market. 

These two options for vape pens give some pretty clear insight as to how you want to market your oils. 


510 Thread Cartridges

510 thread cartridges set the stage for what disposable vape pens and vape pod systems could do. Since their inception, all vape pens follow the same structure and relatively the same components. 

So what makes the 510 thread cart battery so popular? Well, it is the result of the technology of the time emulating what had been previously developed. See, technology just builds off previous versions. The vape pen industry is no different. As technology continues to evolve, so do other components and materials. The 510 thread cartridge and 510 thread battery are the forerunners of modern vape pens.


510 Vape Pens: The Universal Standard

Almost everyone and their grandmother have a 510-thread vape pen in their house. They could have gotten it at your local smoke shop, gas station, promotional event - you name it. The 510 thread battery is one of the single most common items in anyone's collection. 

When the 510-thread vape pen hit the shelf, it was adopting technology from larger, bulky box mods. These devices had cotton which that would be saturated in ejuice. The cotton was wrapped around a heating coil - which, when heating up would vape the flavored ejuice and provide the user with a flavorful and smooth experience.

510 thread technology took the idea of attaching the tank to the box mod with the use of a 510 thread. At the time, all vape pens that had a separate tank used a 510 thread.  

The standard vape pen that we know today was originally developed to be a smaller, more compact vape pen for ejuice rather than for oil. At the time that this was happening, there was another revolution that hit the industry - concentrates

Wax, shatter, "dabs" - there are a ton of different terminology for the different extraction methods and results, but they all come from the same principle of extracting the CBD trichomes from the raw hemp material utilizing a solvent. 

It didn't take long before someone took a look at the 510 cartridges and thought about putting the two together. When they did, they noticed they needed to make a few adjustments. 


Ceramic Vape Pen Cartridges Become The New Standard

As we had mentioned, vape cartridges of the time implemented the same technology as standard vape mods. While cotton worked at soaking in the ejuice evenly, the thicker consistency of CBD wax proved to create issues. This would often be from the cartridge clogging as well as burning out. Many would find a nasty burnt taste if the cotton wick was burnt.

To change this, a replacement needed to be made. Vape cart manufacturers were trying to find the right replacement material for the coil. It was easy to find due to common dab rigs of the time utilizing typically three components for their bangers. Titanium worked well with higher temperatures but didn't provide the right flavor output. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the glass was too brittle, but tasted great! The best middle ground would be ceramic. This provided the optimal flavor output and durability that could be used as the standard for all technological developments from there on out. 

Also at this time, many people were being introduced to DIY extraction kits. Now, there was a lot of speculation as to who users were getting their cartridges from, but the cartridge when from disposable after you finished to a refillable vape pen with the introduction of ceramic technology. 

Ceramic gave users the durability of titanium with the flavor profile of glass, this meant that more could be done within the devices in order to give users a more customizable CBD experience. 


The 510 Battery: A Customizable Experience

Once ceramic vape pen cartridges became the new norm for the increasingly popular vape cartridge, Vape pen manufacturers needed to find ways to attract customers to their brand. The race was on to create the best 510-thread vape battery on the market. An influx of great ideas started to hit the shelves. 510 box mods with magnetic 510 adapters and larger battery life were the first big step. From there providing more options for user adjustment became the focal point. 

The 510 vape battery had more power and was rechargeable, but it needed the ability to interact with the new ceramic technology in a meaningful way. With a few clicks of the button, variable voltage settings would adjust the number of volts going through the ceramic coil. This would provide an even burn if you wanted a lower temperature middle ground hit or full-on blast mode. 

The 510 thread vape battery and cartridge have remained the top dog due to its ease of accessibility and history of innovative properties. 


Vape Pod Systems: An Easier Approach

While the race for the most customizable vape pen was on. Other businesses went in other directions. The universal nature of the 510-thread vape pen was beginning to look old. On top of that, many were starting to get turned off by the idea of deeming the process "too difficult."

Vape Pod Systems were the undercut to the universal system that 510 technology created. By implementing the same components such as the ceramic coil, leak-proof design, and optimized battery, oil producers could create a vape pen that would be solely used for their oils. 

It worked this way: Make a cost-effective and functional battery that could be recharged, then sell the pod to the customer. The customer has to search out your pod and purchase it. They don't have to pay for the device that has all the gadgets and doodads that can be frustrating to learn. They simply need to pop the pod into the vape battery and inhale. 

If your entire plan is to budget the vape batteries for promotional material then all the person needs to spend money on the pod. Heck, maybe they'll buy two if they know they don't need another battery! 

From there, the quest to have the most batteries to the open public as possible. This sounds good in theory, but when a customer has, like, 10 different vape pod batteries and the store down the street doesn't carry a single pod for any of them, then you can tell the market has been fully saturated. Still, there are notable brands that have maintained their local customer base and continue to do so. Only the best vape pens and oil will elevate you in this part of the industry. 


Vape Pods Vs Disposable Vapes

While vape pods and 510 thread vape pens have been in a head-to-head battle. Another interesting device has re-entered the ring: Disposable vapes. Disposable vapes have gone on to adopt all the technological advancements of both 510-thread batteries and vape pods. They place everything into one easy-to-use device that incorporates the tank and battery into one device. 

Disposable vape pens are quickly becoming the go-to for many CBD oil manufacturers due to their even more simplified approach. While at the start, disposable vapes had a bad reputation for clogging, leaking and the battery dying, major upgrades have been added to ensure the best possible CBD vape pen experience. 

Technology is always focused on innovating technology and making it more effective and easy to use. Vape pens follow the same path. We have come a long way since we were using clay pipes for our grass. 

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