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What Is The Vape Pen Voltage Curve?

29 Nov 2023
What Is The Vape Pen Voltage Curve? - iKrusher

The voltage curve is the new way to adjust your disposable vape pen settings. This increases the flavor profile of your concentrates and prolongs the lifespan of your device.

Technology is no stranger to innovation. This is why we have the modern vape pens that we have today. The wide assortment of vaporizer products that we have today is all due to technological upgrades and new ways to innovate. 510 thread cartridges, 510 thread batteries, disposable vapes, and vape pod systems are all the most current and technologically advanced products to hit the market.

With variable voltage and recharging capabilities, the next chapter in vaping has opened up to a fully custom vape pen experience.


How Do Voltage Settings Work On Standard Vape Pens?

On 510 thread vape batteries, adding an adjustable voltage setting meant a few clicks would adjust the amount of power going to the vape. The higher the power, the more vapor will be produced. While some might think that is the most optimal way to utilize your CBD oil, everyone has a specific way that they want to experience their concentrates. By adding a low voltage temperature and a middle ground temperature, users could adjust their settings for the best custom vape experience.

This marked the next level in vape pen evolution. Handing over control to the user by providing custom vape pens has been the focal approach for the past few years. Well, that might have worked for the 510 thread battery and the 510 thread vape cartridge, but disposable vapes needed a place to catch up. With new and rapidly growing industries in CBD, having the right equipment that provides the most optimal flavor profile and the best overall performance comes in the form of a fully custom vape pen voltage curve.


What Is A Voltage Curve?

The voltage curve is how many volts travel through the battery and into the coil when you inhale or push the button. For example: If a vape pen is set at 3.1 volts - the battery will push 3.1 volts through the cartridge every time. While on paper, that sounds nice, consecutive draws at that one setting will cause your coil to heat up far higher than the 3.1 volts intended. The coil needs time to cool down between hits. Consecutive hits at much higher temperatures can cause a number of problems for the coil. 

  • Cracked/Leaking Coil
  • Burnt Flavor
  • Clogging

A voltage curve is a new way to adjust the disposable vape pen settings for all forms of concentrates. 

The voltage curve adjusts the voltage settings over an 8-second timespan. If you were to pull for the full 8 seconds, the number of volts will taper off. This is to reduce the stress on the coil but also to improve flavor quality. Hitting a 3.1-volt vaporizer may be good the first time or even the second, but too many more after that and you won't be receiving the same great-tasting flavor from your oils. 


Benefits Of The Voltage Curve

  • Improved Flavor Performance
  • Improved Vape Pen Quality
  • Longer Battery Life

The overall performance of disposable vape pens is now reaching the next level with voltage curves. Those who are filling their vape pens with Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 CBD oil, they made need a device that can handle the higher volts necessary to vape their thicker consistency. The same applies to all concentrates. Anything from live rosin to resin and Delta 8 CBD can all be adjusted for the best vape pen experience.


Best Vape Pen Flavor

As previously mentioned, your vape pen doesn't need to be on that one single setting over the course of your session. In order to get the best flavor profile, the voltage needs to be turned down for the duration of the hit. Keeping the coil at a specific voltage level will only heat up your oils at a far less effective rate. It can also create a nasty burnt taste if too many consecutive hits were to happen. The best vape pen flavor on the market comes with a variable voltage curve. 


Improved Vape Battery Quality

While the flavor profile is important, so too is how the vape pen batteries perform. Consistent heat can cause cracking or chips in the ceramic coil. This can be due to overstress and many will find themselves on the receiving end of a sticky leaking vape pen. When this happens, you can basically say goodbye to your good time. 

This issue happens across the board for all vape pods, cartridges, and disposables. Having the benefits of a variable voltage setting means that your vape pen won't overheat and cause any issues with your CBD experience. 


Longer Battery Life

This one seems simple. The more power that you constantly send through your battery will drain it at a faster rate. The voltage curve works to reduce the level of battery power necessary to vape your oils at the correct temperature. 


The iKrusher OMNI Smart System

The iKrusher OMNI App and Smart hub are the best way to adjust your disposable vape pens voltage curve. By logging into the app and connecting your OMNI-compatible device you can adjust the voltage curve settings for any type of concentrate. From live rosin to Delta 8 CBD oil - we have preset functions to put you on the right track!


iKrusher TC Series Disposable Vapes

iKrusher took our innovative and best disposable vape pens and gave them the OMNI system upgrade. 


The Nord TC

The Nord TC was widely popular due to so many custom vape materials that you could choose from. With full-ceramic coils and adjustable voltage settings, the Nord TC is set to be the next standard in vape pen quality. 



The UZO is what happens when technology tries to go as small as possible. We asked the question of how small could vape pens go. Well, the answer is the Uzo. While it may be smaller than a lighter, the tank's size and battery performance are bar-none the best in the industry.  The UZO TC takes all of that and adds the OMNI smart system without sacrificing the overall discrete and portable nature of the device. 

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