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Which Disposable Vapes Are The Best For Rosin?

28 Nov 2023
Which Disposable Vapes Are The Best For Rosin? - iKrusher

Disposable vapes are becoming more and more technologically advanced. With every year, the level of disposable vapes and pod systems increases to handle thicker and more viscous contents. 

With rosin, it has been difficult. When vapes first made the transition to dabs, the technology was in its infant stages, over the course of time the industry has evolved to make vaping any kind of concentrate more effective and easier than ever.

In order to do this there needed to be a few steps taken

Larger Intake Holes:
Imagine trying to suck syrup through a straw. That was the vibe when the first ceramic cartridge hit the market. The intake holes were extremely small. At this time, many people were using a solvent to break up the wax in order to thin it out. This would help saturate the coil. This is because they were initially developed as cartridges for vape juice - which has a thinner viscosity.

Higher Voltage:
At the time, it didn't take much energy per pull for thinner liquids. When even concentrate was thinned out, it required a harder pull. When you pull three times as hard as normal you use up three times the amount of juice that is in the pen. Pen's needed to be more powerful in order to pull the device correctly. 

All of that needed to be done with the help of...

Larger Batteries:
In order for the right hit to be calculated, vape pens needed to hold more power. Batteries went into an ever-increasing power jump in order to adequately provide the right amount of energy to the cartridge.


Which Disposable Vapes Are Good For Rosin?

Here are some of the best disposable vapes for rosin:


The UZO TC Disposable Vape

The Uzo TC disposable vaporizers offer a wide range of customizable options. It features a see-through window and a long-lasting rechargeable battery so that you can view and take full advantage of every bit of your extract. Compatible with the OMNI voltage/temperature control system.

The Uzo TC is perfect for rosin.

Overtime inhaling protection and low voltage protection keep you and your disposable vape safe. The Uzo Pro contains our revolutionary anti-clogging technology so that one draw and you will experience its optimally tuned airflow for the smoothest, purest user experience.

The Uzo Pro Disposable Vaporizer combines the best vaporizer technology with a passion for simplicity. No need to fuss around with replacing coils or checking connectivity, its all-in-one feature makes this one of the easiest and best quality vaporizers on the market! On top of that, our patented iKonic ceramic coils can handle high heat levels for extended periods of time. So you can take that big drag without worrying if you are going to burn out your coil!


The NORD Disposable Vape

The (TC) series Nord disposable vaporizers offer a wide range of customizable options. Choose between the iKrusher iKonic ceramic coil or a 316 stainless steel coil while utilizing the OMNI to fine-tune multiple temperature settings at the same time. The TC Nord allows for complete customization of the device in order to optimize performance for varying types of concentrates.

The Nord is one of the most popular devices.

The 1ml (1 gram) tank pushes oil to the iKonic ceramic coil for an evenly distributed hit, all powered by a 350 mAh battery. When traveling, it is compact, and easy to pack and when you need to be discreet, it can be held in the palm of your hand. If you are looking for a long-lasting rechargeable disposable vaporizer, the Nord excels in quality and extends the good vibes of your vaping experience.

Our patented iKonic ceramic coil is one of the best stress-free coils around! Able to absorb tremendous heat for longer periods than most ceramic coils, the ikonic can give you the right hit that you are looking for without burning out.

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