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6 Most Effective Ways to Advertise Your Vape Brand

27 Nov 2023
6 Most Effective Ways to Advertise Your Vape Brand - iKrusher

One of the largest problems nicotine and brands face is social media advertising roadblocks. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even Reddit have restricted paid advertisements and branded content for vape products, vape hardware, and even most CBD categories.

1. Micro-Influencers

We know you hate to hear the term “Influencer”, even if we are cringing typing the word, but when it comes to e-cigarettes, and vape products, think of your influencer as your paid advertisement. Whether you’re releasing the newest dab pen or a new type of nic-salt there are two main categories you should be focusing your ad-spend money on, content and influencers. Spend time researching your audience and who they follow across social media, reach out to influencers within that audience, and see if they will do a product review or promote your brand in exchange for the free products. These influencer’s posts will show up on your audience’s feed and unlike a paid advertisement, the post will stay and live on their profile pages forever.

Once you have down a consistent oil formulation/extraction process that you are happy with it is time to start looking at hardware. With all these styles and choices on the market, what should one first consider when first picking the hardware to pair with their extracts? Let us look to where the oil and the hardware first intermingle, at the intake holes.

2. SEO and Organic Search

Ultimately SEO is king, you know this, it’s almost pointless to even bring this one up – However, because the answer is so obvious, many brands overlook this feature from the start and focus solely on social media. Use tools like SEM rush and ahrefs to understand your audience and tailor your content and keywords to drive organic search to your company’s website. Contribute as a product expert on high-authority websites that match your niche demographic.

3. Creative Content

Content is king, since the answer to your question “What is my advertising budget?” is already $0.00, commit a financial budget to content. Schedule a variety of photoshoots each month, change your content up, and keep it fresh. If you have the resources, we always suggest keeping content creation in-house, if you can’t do this then hire an outside agency to manage your creative assets and social media accounts.

We are now past most of the nitty-gritty and can give more attention to the experience that your endpoint customer will receive. The first thing that will be most concerning to your endpoint consumer outside of the price point is how the final product performs.

4. CBD Tinctures

This one is tricky and not for everyone, the brands we have seen do this have seen major success in online conversions. Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon have dedicated teams to assist in advertising CBD tinctures online. If it’s within your budget to allow for this, create a line of 1-2 CBD tinctures, while you may not be advertising the featured products this gateway will allow you to bring additional traffic to your brand’s social handles and website through paid Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook advertising.

5. Reddit Q&A

Join the Reddit community and set Google alerts (it’s free) for your product or company name, you’ll quickly find that there are most likely already people discussing your brand on Reddit. When a new alert comes in you’ll be able to quickly engage with your fanbase and possibly turn additional leads into new customers by being a helpful resource online.

6. Smoke Shops

One of the quickest ways to increase your Search Engine Ranking is organic, direct traffic. What this means is that a customer physically typed in your website URL directly into their browser, versus clicking a link. For instance, a customer physically typing in “” in the browser URL bar will almost certainly be more beneficial for ranking, versus someone clicking a link with the sophistication of Google’s algorithm and metrics. A great way to increase this type of traffic is to partner with local smoke shops and drop off flyers, and offer a small discount or incentive such as a contest to intrigue individuals to actually go to your website. The old-school brick-and-mortar method still works, and that’s a good thing. You can’t game Google, The hustle is real in 2020.

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