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How To Make Your Vape Pen Last Longer

27 Nov 2023
How To Make Your Vape Pen Last Longer - iKrusher

Making your vape pen last longer is easy. By simply adhering to the following rules, you will see that your vape pen needs less charging, and increased effectiveness of your vape pen's performance.

  • Charging Appropriately
  • Clearing your Atomizer
  • Preheating Your Vape Pen
  • Adjusting The Voltage

Charging Your Vape Pen Appropriately

In order to maintain your device for far greater than it was initially intended for, simply charging your vape pen battery appropriately will take you far. This wasn't always the case. There was a time when vape pen batteries weren't rechargeable. They were cheap one-and-done devices and the thought of making them more of a reusable accessory wasn't on the table. It wasn't until rechargeable ports were implemented into the device that people started to see vape pens as something to carry around and customize. 


Charging The Vape Pen Battery For The Right Amount Of Time

The vape battery is where all the energy comes from. Vape batteries come in all shapes and sizes, but they all charge relatively the same. They utilize either a micro-USB or a C-Type charging port. 

Typically your vape pen battery will charge within an hour - which is fast as it is. 

If you use the charging cable/block that your vape battery came with, then it will charge with the most effective charging rate possible. 


Charging Your Vape Battery Overnight

Our smartphones and other electronic devices can handle constantly charging overnight. Unfortunately, even those devices will lose battery power if done every night. 

While you may think that it's not a big deal, many vape pens don't have the same level of technology implemented into smartphones. Leaving your vape battery charging overnight can stress the battery to a point where the lifespan of the battery life can be drastically cut short. Leaving your vape battery charging to the appropriate time using the voltage level necessary. 


Do Not Charge Your Vape Pen In Your Car/Truck

Your vehicle's cigarette port will charge your phone or other devices, but the level of power than can be pushed through the port can vary from car to car. On top of that, the amount of power that is moved through the port can vary based on if the car is driving and how much energy the car is putting forward. This means that at any given time, your vape pen battery can be receiving the right amount, or far too low, or far too high.


Clearing Your Atomizer

One of the most infuriating events that can happen is when your vape pen starts blinking. Each vape pen manufacturer has their own blinking numbers to let customers know what is wrong with their device. Sometimes the vape pen can blink 4 times to let the user know if the battery is dead. Other times it can blink 10. This can go for what is more commonly known as an "atomizer short". 

Now, there used to be a time when the 510 thread cart would short out, the ceramic coil would burn, or something was in the way of the 510 thread cartridge and the 510 thread battery. 

510 thread cartridge technology has since been developed to remove clogging, as well as leaking and atomizer shortages. Most of the time, the biggest issue that keeps your vape pen from last is that there is some CBD oil residue getting in between the atomizer and the heating element from the 510-thread vape pen. 

This can be solved by simply taking some rubbing alcohol and tissue and rubbing both the contact pad on the vape cartridge battery and also the 510 thread on the cartridge. Once it is clean, you can screw your 510 thread cartridge onto the 510 thread battery and you should not be blinking anymore. 

This can cause issues with the battery's lifespan. Thankfully there are now sensors on the device that stop it from working if something isn't quite right. If the vape pen battery didn't have this, then the heat transferred would be far greater and could potentially short out your vape cartridge atomizer. 


Preheating Your Vape Pen

One of the biggest issues that vape pen users came from thicker concentrates. While the standard vape pen cartridge and battery have evolved and implemented more effective materials, thicker concentrates always have a much harder time moving through the cartridge. 

When the vape battery first implemented the preheat function, it was a game changer. While your vape pen can have multiple voltage settings, the preheat function will slowly heat up your cartridge so that when you hit the button or inhale, the oil is already heating up to a good starting point. The best vape pens for cartridges all have a preheat function.

This will help reduce the stress of the vape pen. The reason is when you hit the button to vape your pen, it is set at a much higher voltage. If you can't hit the oil the first time, many users will just sit on the button until it unclogs itself. This can cause issues due to the oil being heated up way past the normal temperature as well as draining the battery life. 

The preheat function is the best setting to have if you have thicker extracts. 


Adjusting The Voltage

The best vape pens not only have the preheat function, but multiple voltage settings have also helped to customize a user's experience. 

Most vape pen batteries have either a button or a twistable bottom with voltage settings. By clicking the vape pen 3 times, you can move between three standard voltage temperatures. It depends on your vape pen, but most people choose to vape between the low temperature and the middle temperature. The higher temperature is for those looking to get blasted. 

Vape batteries with a twistable bottom are the largest culprit of overheating your device. As most people use the lower settings, there really is no need to go higher than 4 volts. Vape pens with adjustable voltage settings typically go much higher. Many users will often twist their pen to the highest setting and instantly short out their cartridge. 


Disposable Vape Pen Maintenance

One of the benefits of the 510-thread vape pens is their ability to adapt at a given chance. Disposable vape pens unfortunately do not have many abilities to fix the problem. When disposable vape pens hit the market, they were meant for ejuice. They would leak with CBD oil and the cotton wick would clog. Since then they have adapted the same ceramic coil, rechargeable capabilities, and leakproof tank design. 

While the device might be compact and easy to use, it removes the ability to fix any problems by twisting a few things or cleaning parts. If there is a problem, you technically can't fix it. This is why proper maintenance will help you finish every bit of your vape pen tank. 

It is still a good idea to stick to the charging principles as any other vape pen, but if it's blinking or leaks then it's a tough fix. 

This is about to change. While the disposable vape provides ease of use, it also heavily relies on the oil filler to do it correctly. It also helps to know the voltage settings for different concentrates. From delta 8 and delta 9 to live resin, resin, Live Rosin, and Rosin the best disposable vapes will have adjustable voltage curves that provide the optimal voltage output and the best battery performance.  

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