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How To Fix A Blinking Vape Pen

27 Nov 2023
How To Fix A Blinking Vape Pen - iKrusher

A vape pen blinking can mean a number of things. Fortunately, most of them can quickly be solved, but there are other issues that may be more worrisome! Let's take a look at how to fix a blinking vape pen.


What Does A Blinking Vape Pen Mean?

Brand to brand, vape pens blink differently to give users a clearer way to address potential issues.

Disposable vapes, 510 thread vape pens, and vape pod systems all follow a relative guideline when letting a user know what issue it may have. 

A pen blinking can usually mean the following:

  • The cartridge or pod is not connected properly
  • The battery is dead or low power
  • Short in the atomizer


The 510 Thread Cartridge or Vape Pod Is Not Connected

This is one of the easiest ways to solve a blinking vape pen. Typically it means the pod or cartridge isn't fully connected to the device. With vape pod systems, the overall performance comes from the conducting prongs at the bottom of the vape pod. 

With a 510 thread cartridge, you simply need to tighten or untighten the cartridge from the vape pen battery. Try hitting the button once or twice to see if the blinking still happens. 

With a vape pod and vape pod battery, the magnetic connections might not be working properly. Make sure there isn't anything blocking the connection. Pocket-lint is a BIG culprit. The 510 thread cartridge remains one of the most innovative and universal vape pen styles on the market. 

Another issue is that your 510 thread cartridge might be clogged. Check to see if you are receiving any airflow in the device before hitting the button or you could short your atomizer. 

Vape pods are a culprit for clogging. While they may have developed all of the innovative technology, vape pods still clog when mixed with thicker concentrates like Delta 8. Delta 8 vape pens have had to make some separate upgrades in order to adequately handle their viscosity. 


The Battery Is Dead Or Low Power

This one can be easy to identify. Haven't charged your vape pen in a while? Maybe it's a good idea to plug it in for a little bit to charge it. This is the go-to for many who experience a blinking vape pen. 

Disposable vapes, vape pods, and 510-thread vape pens all have a charging port on them. It may be a difference between a C-Type charging port and a micro USB charging port but nonetheless, all vape pens now come standard with a rechargeable function. The 510 thread battery can still have something in the way. Make sure to clean it out properly. 

Here are tips and tricks on how to charge your vape pen correctly in order to keep the lifespan longer.

Rechargeable vapes are now officially the industry standard in vape design. By providing a rechargeable port the portability of these devices is endless. 


Atomizer Short

This is the one that proves to be the most frustrating. You purchase your pre-filled vape pod or vape pen cartridge connect it to the battery and then the blinking happens This could happen at any stage in the pod or cartridge's life. Unfortunately, when this happens, it means there is a fault in the cartridge itself. Either the atomizer shorted out or the coil cracked and CBD oil is leaking out. 

Why does this happen?

This can happen for a number of different reasons. The first is that with many 510-thread vape pen batteries, the button can be held down by loose articles in a person's pocket. Your Keyes, headphones, and even just your leg when pushed the right way can activate the vape pen. Back in the day, this was a major issue, but in today's world, the technology in vape pens has gotten far safer. With auto-shut off as a main feature for all vape pens, the idea of cracking the coil or shorting out the atomizer has seen fewer reports. 


Making Sure Your Vape Pen Is Clean

Another issue that many find during a connection issue is that there might be some leftover CBD wax that leaked out of the cartridge or vape pod into the contact heating pad. 

Using some rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs will help to clear out anything that might be in the way. 


Innovative Technology: The Best Vape Pens

The best vape pens are iKrusher engineered. With our wide selection of vapes, we have innovated and designed our products to meet the future standards of oil manufacturers. 


iKrusher Disposable Vapes

Our disposable vape pens have innovated to the point they currently are the only ones offering adjustable power curves. Our OMNI Smart System and App plug your disposable vape pens. We have gone ahead and made the best disposable vape pens on the market! 

Not only can they be adjusted with the voltage curve, but the app allows you to create the best custom vapes every time. Providing the technology for custom vape pens gives the oil filler the ability to adjust its settings to the most perfect balance of power and flavor. 


iKrusher Pod Systems

iKrusher has worked diligently to provide the most optimal and efficient vape pod systems. The vape pod system is perfect for those looking to have a specific battery for their pods. It's the concentrate inside that sells them and the vape pen battery is essentially a free marketing tool. 

Vape pod systems at iKrusher are the most anti-clogging and issue-free vape pens on the market. 

Our vape pod battery systems have some of the most heat-accurate technology in the market and continue to raise the bar in ikrusher vape pen industry standards. 


iKrusher 510 Thread Cartridges And 510 Thread Battery

Our vape cartridges implement the best ceramic technology in the industry. With so many options for coils and center posts, you have a wide selection of vape carts to choose from. 

With our S1,S2, and S3 510 thread vape batteries, there is nothing that our devices can't handle.

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