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The Best Disposable Vape For 2023: The iKrusher TC Series

28 Nov 2023
The Best Disposable Vape For 2023: The iKrusher TC Series - iKrusher

The best disposable vape series for 2023 is here! The iKrusher TC Series devices take our most popular devices and improve upon technological vape innovation to provide a custom vape experience.

Vaporizer technology has significantly improved since its introduction to the industry. While the first disposable vapes were rudimentary and simple, the idea to innovate them was what has propelled vape technology to stardom. 


Disposable Vape Technology Has Improved Over The Years

While disposable vapes have been around for a number of years, the public perception has been lackluster at most. 

When they first hit the shelves, they were more of a demonstration of two what could be done with the vape technology at the time. This didn't provide the best vape results. Often, disposable vapes would have a cotton wick and low battery power. There was no way to adjust settings or even fix the device if it malfunctioned. 

This changed when 510 thread cartridges and 510 thread batteries hit the scene. This allowed each manufacturer to improve upon the technical faults of each design. 

With vape batteries, the idea of creating higher power voltage for thicker oils was vital. Sacrificing the overall size in order to provide a longer-lasting more powerful battery was the point of interest for vape developers. 

After vape batteries went through the technological ringer to improve their performance, the idea of adding variable voltage to the standard vape pen was the next introduction. 

With all of these innovations going into the standard vape battery, what about the cartridge?


Vape Cartridges See Improvement

While the vape battery was getting a big upgrade, so was the 510-thread vape cartridge. When they were first introduced, they were developed to be used with nicotine juice. 

The cotton wick couldn't handle the high voltage settings that were required to vape thicker oils and wax. Thus designers returned to the basics that started the whole industry in the first place. Dab rigs utilized a multitude of different "bangers" they came in typically one of three materials: Ceramic, titanium, or glass. Each one had its benefits, but with the overall performance and flavor output of ceramic, that material quickly became the industry standard for all 510-thread vape cartridges. 

The porous nature of ceramic meant that flavorful hits could actually be trapped into the divets of the ceramic coil. It was also created due to the higher voltage necessary to vape wax and oils. This meant the cartridge would far outlast any concentrate in the tank and even allowed for refilling. 


Disposable Vape Improvements

With technological improvements being the catalyst for the emerging vape trend, taking all of the innovative properties of 510 thread technology and placing them into small, all-in-one disposable vape pens was the obvious next step. 

Having a large enough battery and a strong enough coil was the pivotal stage for disposable vaporizers. While standard 510 thread technology remained king, these new vaporizers have started to creep up in popularity. 

The only drawback to the current line of many disposable vaporizers is the lack of temperature control. For starters, there is only one single pre-set function and voltage that disposables use. That depends on the manufacturer. 

While they do not have as many options as the standard 510-thread batteries and cartridges, they are quickly catching up.


The iKrusher OMNI Smart System and TC Series

The next stage in disposable vape technology is here. The iKrusher TC Series is the next stage in the disposable vaporizer evolution. 

By combining iKrusher innovative vape hardware with our new OMNI Smart System, oil manufacturers can now obtain the perfect harmony of balancing power a performance. 

We took our most popular lineup of disposable vaporizers and gave it the upgrade that will take it into the future. 


Adjusting The Voltage Curve

With so many devices on the market, there aren't many that will allow the filler to set the exact temperature curve over an 8-second time span. 

By adjusting the voltage curve, you can now save your device's battery life while also reducing stress on the coil. Many people were cautious at first, but now that these issues have been fully corrected, there is no need to see disposable vaporizers on the back burner of 2023. 

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