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Let's Review The iKrusher Koble 3.0 mL Disposable Vape

27 Nov 2023
Let's Review The iKrusher Koble 3.0 mL Disposable Vape - iKrusher

The Koble is the next stage in iKrushers innovative disposable vape pen line. With a 3.0 mL tank, the Koble disposable vape answers the question of where vape pen technology will go in the future.

Since the dawn of vape pens, the desire to go bigger has always been on everyone's mind. With 510 thread cartridges and vape pod systems typically only reserved for 0.5 and 1.0 mL cartridges and pods, the results have been pretty standard. Disposable vaporizer technology is now at the forefront of innovative technology.


The Koble Vape Pen Battery

The Koble vape pen battery is a solid 260 mAh rechargeable device. We designed this to incorporate enough power into the device while still maintaining its discrete nature and size. Disposable vape pens no longer suffer from the issues of losing power before you were finished. This is why we upped out the game by making the battery powerful enough to finish the contents on a single charge, but if necessary, you can recharge it and plug it in for optimal performance.

Disposable vape pen batteries have had a long history of issues. From leaking, clogging, and low battery life, the idea of developing stronger and longer-lasting components has been the focal point for some time. Our anti-leaking technology helps to also add to the features that come standard with iKrusher vape pen quality. This is what makes the Koble the best disposable vape pen for the future of concentrates.


The Koble Disposable Vape Coil and Tank

Disposable vape pens have always been on the backburner throughout their formative years. With other technology such as 510 thread cartridges and batteries to vape pods, the idea of disposable vapes coming into the scene has been on the mind for a long time now. Disposable vape pens have had their ups and downs over the years, but now with iKrusher technology, they are back in full swing.

The Koble disposable vape tank is made from medical grade PCTG and contains our patented "iKonic" ceramic coil technology. Our "iKonic" ceramic coils are more porous than our competitors which helps to trap your concentrates and provides a blast of flavorful terpenes. On top of the overall flavor performance, the Koble disposable vape ensures that the performance is kept throughout the entire duration of the device.


Charging the Koble

The Koble disposable vape is much like other vape batteries. While it may seem like just a disposable, there are some steps that you need to take in order to preserve the experience. The first step is to not leave the device charging overnight. This can cause the battery harm and could potentially short it out. This isn't too big of an issue as, once again, this device is meant to be tossed after, but for those looking to get the most out of their device, it's best to simply charge the Koble disposable vape for an hour.


How Does The Koble Compare To Other Vaporizers?

The 510 cartridge and vape pod systems have been developed to borderline perfection. With the 510 cartridge vape leading the industry in innovation and also laying the groundwork for the rest of the industry, the Koble acts to reduce the level of spending and issues that come from purchasing two separate components for one specific purpose.

510 thread vapes have been the father of invention. By replacing most of their components with better and more effective materials, they have stayed at the top since the industry began. This is due to the overall universal nature of the device. Anyone anywhere at any given time can walk into their local store or gas station and purchase a 510-thread battery. On the other side of the spectrum, most people can purchase 510 thread cartridges pre-filled with Delta 8 CBD oil and be on their way. The issue is that the user needs to make two different trips. Or maybe one trip if their local store has it together.

The Koble provides much much more than that. With a 3.0 mL tank, you no longer need to continue purchasing cartridges at an alarming rate. The 3.0 mL vape tank can last far longer than any other device on the market.

When comparing this device to other popular vape pens, it's a good thing to mention that Vape Pod systems are generally designed for promotional material. While throwing your vape pod batteries out to the public may be a cost-effective strategy, they need to purchase the pod at a specific store. On top of that, vape pod batteries do not hold the same quality battery life as the Koble.

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